Spice Up Your Blog with Reviews

Blogs are a great way to build your online brand and following. One way to utilize a blog is to make reviews of common goods and services you tend to use. Here are some great tips for finding your next product to review.



With so many insurance providers in the world today, and with insurance being a fairly complex subject to begin with, people definitely want recommendations for what companies are the best to use and what kinds of insurance are good to have. For example, Medicare supplement plans can be difficult to navigate without a good understanding of what health insurance you are already covered by. And one health insurance company may charge a lot more money to cover certain conditions than others. If you have your own insurance in order and can speak about your insurance coverage and experiences, take some time to tell your loyal followers about it and make recommendations. With a subject as tricky as insurance, they will be thankful for your advice.



There are hundreds of furniture companies these days claiming to make the best furniture in the world, many of it can cost more than you can imagine just for the name. You might find a piece of furniture that is almost identical to a beautiful Pottery Barn piece at Ikea, and it could be a fraction of the cost. Is it really worth spending all that money on the expensive furniture piece when you can get the same utility or functionality out of the cheaper one? Write about pieces you have bought that have either lasted forever or broke almost immediately. Discuss pieces that have stood the test of time against all odds, with kids hanging off of them or animals constantly knocking them over. If you have a cheap piece of furniture that has lasted forever, definitely let the world know.

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Everyone uses appliances throughout their home and everyone values the quality of their appliances. There are enough manufacturers of your standard pieces like refrigerators, dish washers, microwaves, washers, dryers, and stoves, to warrant reviewing the ones you have and sharing any good and bad experiences you may have run into with any of them. Appliances are not cheap, but they perform an important role in our homes. People value understanding the best places to be putting their money when it comes to important appliances. It’s even more effective to share pictures as evidence to back up your claims.