Productivity Apps

Apps are everywhere in our lives today, you almost can’t escape them. If you have a smart phone chances are it is loaded with tons of apps already. All you need these days is an internet connection and you can have access to endless hours of fun, entertainment, and productivity. Your web browser can be used for more than just researching Medicare supplement plans.


If you like to stay productive and want an app that can be a one stop shop for all of your productivity needs, Evernote is the perfect one for you. It’s a note taking app, but so much more than just a note taking app. It lets you keep different notebooks within the app in case you want to separate your notes into different subjects. Maybe you have a agenda items you want to keep in one notebook, but notes from your business opportunities that you want to keep in another. You could have one notebook be private for yourself, or have one that you can share access to with friends or family so you can share ideas with each other.


In addition to just jotting down notes, you can add pictures to your notes to make them more visually appealing. You can even save entire websites and web articles as notes in your notebook so that you can read them read them later or save them permanently as something you want to reference. You can also record audio clips in your notes giving you the trifecta of text, pictures, and audio all in a simple notebook.

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The most convenient part of Evernote is its syncing function. If you use multiple devices in different situations, say your laptop at your home or office, a tablet when you’re traveling or sitting on the couch, and your phone every time you are in between destinations, you can have the Evernote app on all of your devices. Each time you edit a note on one device it will sync the edits made to all of the devices, meaning you can access your notes anywhere, from any device, and every change made from any device will automatically and instantly be updated over the internet for you so you don’t have to edit them all yourself.


If you are still caught up in the hustle and bustle of life even during retirement, you definitely want the Evernote app so that you never miss a beat.