Queen Mother--that's me!

My name is E. Kirby Dunton Carespodi (but everyone calls me Kirby) and basically I am a middle-aged woman on a mission. I am in the process of transitioning from my teaching job to my retirement job, which will consist of spending a lot of time doing creative $hit while drinking heavily. I love my family, my house, my peeps and anything that keeps me distracted from doing laundry.

(If you want to know the serious facts, here they are:  I am a native of the Lake Ontario region, both coasts.  I went to college in Pennsylvania and worked in Ohio.  I also worked at a now-defunct upscale department store.  'Have you seen Sibley's today? ' used to be their slogan.  The answer would be--no, you have not, and never will again, more's the pity.  I also love saying 'more's the pity.'
 I have been married for over thirty years to my right-hand-man, DL.  He does not mind being mentioned in this blog, as long as I don't say anything bad.  Honestly?  There's nothing bad to say, except for some of the usual 'man-stuff.'

I have two grown children.  One is working towards his goal of having as many advanced degrees as possible.  I figure if I'm not paying for it...why not?  The baby girl is in Manhattan, living the dream in a 35' x 15' studio apartment.  Different dreams for different folks. Either way, I feel like I have prepared them as best I could.

We have two grandkitties who live with us.  My daughter rescued and hand fed them, and then couldn't keep them in Philly.  These were not the first with which she had to part, but it about killed her.  I took them in, seeing it as the first step in becoming the crazy neighborhood cat lady, which is my ultimate goal.

I do some pretty funky stuff with cast-off furniture and bits of garbage.  {I realize that this sounds vaguely pornographic, but there you have it.  I also love saying 'there you have it.'}  My sweet DL and I are going to turn this avocation into our vocation, once we are both finished with the careers where we actually make money.  We have a great time searching yard and estate sales, and we can also use the business as an excuse to travel.

For over 30 years, we have lived in NC where we love the weather.  For over ten years, we have lived in the rich people's neighborhood where no one will talk to us.  We actually kinda like it that way.  We have a hybrid English/New England cottage that needs approximately one zillion dollars worth of work.  It will also take us around eighty-four years to complete.

So there are all the serious facts, if you're into that sort of thing.)
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