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职称/职务 Academic title/Position:
病毒学国家重点实验室,教授、主任。Professor and Director, State Key Laboratory of Virology.
武汉生物技术研究院,副院长。Vive President, Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology.
研究领域 Research Field:微生物学/病毒学 Microbiology/Virology
研究方向 Research Interests:
病毒感染与致病的分子机理。Molecular Mechanisms of Viral Infection and Pathogenesis.
病毒病与肿瘤诊断和防治新技术。New Approaches to the Prevention and Treatment of Viral Diseases and Cancers.


学习经历 Education:
1993-1996:美国普林斯顿大学,分子生物学,博士后。Postdoctoral Associate in Molecular Biology, Princeton University, NJ, USA.
1989-1992:美国爱达华大学,生物化学,博士。Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of Idaho, ID, USA.
1982-1985:yabo亚搏官方网站,病毒学,硕士。M.S. in Virology, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.
1978-1982:yabo亚搏官方网站,微生物学,学士。B.S. in Microbiology, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.

工作经历 Work Experience:

2010-至今:武汉生物技术研究院,副院长。Vice President, Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology, Wuhan, China.
2005-至今:病毒学国家重点实验室,主任。Director, State Key Laboratory of Virology, Wuhan, China.
1999-至今:yabo亚搏官方网站,教授、博士生导师。Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, College of Life Sciences, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.
1996-1999:美国普林斯顿大学,研究员。Research Staff Member, Princeton University, NJ, USA.
1992-1993:美国爱达华大学,副研究员。Research Associate, University of Idaho, ID, USA.
1986-1989:美国佐治亚大学,访问学者。Visiting Scholar, University of Georgia, GA, USA.
1985-1986:yabo亚搏官方网站,讲师。Lecturer, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.

学术兼职 Committee and Broad Memberships:
1. 病毒学国家重点实验室学术委员会,副主任委员。Vice President, Broad Committee, State Key Laboratory of Virology.
2. 农业微生物国家重点实验室学术委员会,副主任委员。Vice President, Broad Committee, State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology.
3. 湖北省生物工程学会,理事长。President, Hubei Society for Biotechnology.
4. 湖北省微生物学会,副理事长。Vice President, Hubei Society for Microbiology.
5. 中国生物工程学会,理事。Broad Member, Chinese Society for Microbiology.
6. 中国微生物学会病毒专业委员会,理事。Broad Member, Division of Virology in Chinese Society for Microbiology.

科研项目 Research Grants and Funding:
主持国家科技重大专项、国家科技部973计划项目、国家自然科学基金重点项目等多项。Principle Investigator for multiple grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, National Science Foundation of China.

代表性学术论文 Selected Publications (62 out of 118):

1. Chen YN, Chen JB, Wang H, Shi JJ, Wu KL, Liu S, Liu YL, Wu JG (2013). HCV-induced miR-21 contributes to evasion of host immune system by targeting MyD88 and IRAK1. PLoS Pathog 9(4):e1003248. (IF:9.629)

2. Xia C, Chen YC, Gong H, Zeng WB, Vu GP, Trang P, Lu SW, Wu JG, Liu FY (2013). Inhibition of hepatitis B virus gene expression and replication by ribonuclease P. Mol Ther 21(5):995-1003. (IF:6.284)
3. Cao YH, Zhang W, Yu Y, Zhu CL, Zhang R, Song Y, Wang Q, Bai L, Liu YL, Wu KL, Wu JG (2013). IL-27, a cytokine, and IL-29, a type III interferon, are coordinated to regulate virus replication in a manner similar to type I interferon. J Immunol (Accepted) (IF:5.745)
4. Xu P, Huang ZX, Gao XD, Michel FJ, Hirsch G, Hogan RJ, Sakamoto K, Ho WZ, Wu JG, He B (2013). Infection of mice, ferrets, and rhesus macaques with a clinical mumps virus isolate. J Virol 87(14):8158-8168. (IF:5.189)
5. Yu Y, Cao YH, Sun ZC, Zhang W, Wu KL, Wu JG (2013). Hepatitis B e antigen activates the suppressor of cytokine signaling-2 to antagonize type I and type III interferon and mediate viral immune evasion. Eur J Immunol (In reversion) (IF:4.970)
6. Zhang Z, Vu GP, Gong H, Xia C, Chen YC, Liu FY, Wu JG, Lu SW (2013). Engineered external guide sequences are highly effective in inhibiting gene expression and replication of hepatitis B virus in cultured cells. PLoS One 8(6):e65268. (IF:4.411)
7. Liu S, Hao Q, Wang Y, Yue X, Peng NF, Chen YN, Wu JG, Zhu Y (2012). Major vault protein: A virus-induced host factor against viral replication through the induction of type-I interferon. Hepatology 56(1):57-66. (IF:11.665)
8. Yue X, Wang H, Zhao F, Liu S, Wu JG, Ren W, Zhu Y (2012). Hepatitis B virus-induced calreticulin protein is involved in interferon resistance. J Immunol 189(1):279-286. (IF:5.745)
9. Liu L, Cao ZY, Chen J, Li R, Cao YH, Zhu CL, Wu KL, Wu JG, Liu F, Zhu Y (2012). Influenza A virus induces interleukin-27 through cyclooxygenase-2 and protein kinase A signaling. J Biol Chem 287(15):11899-11910. (IF:5.328)
10. Li YX, Zhang Q, Liu Y, Luo Z, Kang L, Qu J, Liu WY, Xia XS, Liu YL, Wu KL, Wu JG (2012). Hepatitis C virus activates Bcl-2 and MMP-2 expression through multiple cellular signaling pathways. J Virol 86(23):12531-12543. (IF:5.189)
11. Zhang Q, Gong R, Qu J, Zhou YJ, Liu WY, Chen MZ, Liu YL, Zhu Y, Wu JG (2012). Activation of the Ras/Raf/MEK pathway facilitates HCV replication via attenuation of the INF-JAK-STAT pathway. J Virol 86(3):1544-1554. (IF:5.189)
12. Fang JL, Liu L, Li YK, Wu JG, Huo XX, Zhu Y (2012). Epigenetic changes mediated by miR29 activate cyclooxygenase-2 and interferon-1 production during viral infection. J Virol 86(2):1010-1020. (IF:5.189)
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15. Li CW, Yu S, Zhong XL, Wu JG, Li XD (2012). Circadian rhythms of fetal liver transcription persist in the absence of canonical circadian clock gene expression rhythms in vivo. PLoS One 7(2): e30781. (IF:4.411)
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18. Yu Y, Gong R, Mu YX, Chen YN, Zhu CL, Sun ZC, Chen MZ, Liu YL, Zhu Y, Wu JG (2011). Hepatitis B virus induces a novel inflammation network involving three inflammatory factors, interleukin-29, interleukin-8, and cyclooxygenase-2. J Immunol 187(9):4844-4860. (IF:5.745)
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