Hone Your Photography Skills


Since almost all of our smart phones are equipped with high quality cameras these days, everyone seems to be a photographer. Between new camera hardware technology and photo software coming out every day, most people can actually appear to be a pretty decent one. Instead of researching Medicare supplement plans, here are some helpful ways to take your photography game from amateur to pro overnight.


Upgrade your smart phone to the latest and greatest and you will undoubtedly have some of the best camera technology available right in the palm of your hands. Smart phones are equipped with unbelievable camera lenses these days that are capable of capturing stunning images in all sorts of angles. Most phones also let you use filters on your photos that are preset color variations to make your photos look even better than what you took. You can also write on them and mark them up however you want, if you want to add a caption or send it to a friend with a message on it. You can also buy exterior lenses that attach to your smart phone to augment the capabilities of its existing camera.


Software apps are really where your pictures start to become masterpieces. Apps like Instagram are designed to make your photos look like professional shots. They use filters as well and can turn your ordinary picture, that may have been shot with poor lighting, appear to have used a highly sophisticated piece of camera equipment. Other apps such as Adobe Photoshop and others like it allow you to really alter your pictures by adding effects, splicing pictures together, even overlaying pictures and cropping pieces out of the original shot.

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Once you have your newly created pictures saved you have to distribute them to your followers through your social media platforms. Using Instagram to share your photos, or other apps like Facebook or Twitter, you can share your work with the world and grow your following on social media. You can also post your pictures to your website and even try to sell them. Stock photo websites will even allow you to lease them out to people who would like to pay to use them on their websites. For your best pieces, blow them up and get them professionally framed so you can hang it in your house to be on display. When everyone compliments your wonderful piece, have fun explaining to them how you took the shot!