Fun New Games to Play

If you have been spending a lot of time researching Medicare supplement plans recently, you might need to take a break for a while and do something a little more enjoyable. Here are some fun games to consider that you can play right from your smart phone or tablet.


The Sims

The Sims is a fun game that has seemingly hundreds of different versions that have come out, and now you can play it on your smart phone. This fun game allows you to simulate life in a world that you create. You build houses, cities, and worlds, and then control the people who live in it and try to keep your world happily in order. It’s harder than it sounds and extremely entertaining. You can get lost for hours in this game so prepare yourself.


Words with Friends

If you are a fan of the game Scrabble that we all know and love, you no longer have to wait to have someone physically in the room with to play it with them. Words with Friends is the online version of the game where you can go up against other players online or a computer to try to make words and get the most points for them. There’s nothing particularly new about this version of the game, but the fact that you can play it with strangers over the internet is certainly a great new twist.

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Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a very popular new smart phone game that puts a fun twist on a classic game like Tetris. Similar to Tetris, the point is to line up same colored candies to eliminate the row of them, making the entire game board of candies fall down and create new matches. It’s hours of entertainment, going from one puzzle to the next in a seemingly endless world of candy puzzles.


If you want to stick with the classic board games you grew up with, you can also find online versions of those. Similar to Words with Friends, you can play a number of classics against other people online or against a computer, such as Chess or Checkers. You can also play single player games like Solitaire if you happen to find yourself without a deck of cards to keep yourself occupied with. Smart phones are definitely a handy tool for staying entertained no matter where you are, home or on the road.