Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pantone's color of 2017

When I was a kid, I was a little bit obsessed with houseplants. I'm not sure why, but I remember there was a lady in town who had a Wandering Jew plant that grew all over one wall of her living room.

It was all at once both fabulous and creepy.

I never had a whole lot of luck with houseplants until we moved to this house and actually had some good light (at which you say 'HA!' because my pictures aren't lit right. The light here is great for plants, but still too dark to take pictures.

We had a lovely Saturday a couple of weeks ago, and I took advantage of the sunny warmth to repot my houseplants, which I do once or twice a year. A good number of them had outgrown their homes, plus I had some new containers I wanted to try.

I am loving copper right now, and bought some vintage molds that were just a buck or two apiece. This ring mold was a dollar at a flea market.

Having a jar (or four!) of pebbles in my basement is a good idea when one has plants or cut flowers or just for the heck of it, for that matter.

I placed a layer of the stones in the bottom of the mold (you can see one peeking out) and then put a layer of houseplant mix over it. My mix (in this case) includes peat and sand as well as potting soil. I need good drainage, as I am planting succulents.

The succulents get pushed into the soil around the ring.

Then I put more pebbles on top of the soil, carefully placing them around the plants.

This is an experiment...we'll see how my babies fare! Do you "do" houseplants? This is one of my go-to websites.


Andrea said...

My mom and I went fairy dish garden crazy last spring. Sadly, only one of mine survived. I did recently find some copper colored molds when I was on a scavenger hunt at my grandmother's. I thinkninwill teethe indoor succulents!

Bliss said...

I don't know what the color of the year is, but if it's copper I'm good with that. I'm not so good however with houseplants although I'm curious if wandering Jew is a politically correct term?

Andrea said...

Hey wait! What was the color?

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Kirby,
Not a houseplant person. I love my garden on the outside during the summer and fall. Never had any luck with inside plants. This is a cute idea. Hope they do well.
Happy Tuesday.

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

I love houseplants. I've had many and many have died! Philodendron is the only one I can keep alive. I picked up a few snake plants last week and fingers crossed.... they say you can't kill them plus they're called MIL tongue which I find interesting 😉

Feral Turtle said...

I love the copper pan and your repurposing idea for it. Looks great....sadly my thumb is black not only from a hammer, but a lack of luck with plants.

Good Time Charlie said...

Haha! That could be my husband in Home Depot looking for me.

Good Time Charlie said...

I grenup with a house full of house plants. My mother had these GIANT hanging Ferns that she would spritz every day with water and take them outside several times each week for a sun bath.
I am more of a windowsill succulents. So far, they are thriving. Ferns, wow, that's more work sometimes than kids!

Donnamae said...

I love houseplants too....they are all over my house. And you're right...it's all in the light! Interesting idea to use a jello mold....you will have to let us know how that turns out! ;)

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