Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Top Ten Roundup...not at all what I expected!

After a less-than-expected 2015, 2016 turned out to be the turnaround year (for the blog, if not the political system).

Truthfully, 2015 saw the lowest numbers for Brandywine Cottage in over three years, and it was discouraging. But by May the bounceback had begun and things were looking rosy again. 

And while Downton Abbey remained a perennial favorite, none of the posts were above number five on the list of the top ten!

The top post of 2016, and one of the top 10 of all time, was a post about an antique desk that fits inside a weird space in the guest room. Most of the referrals came from the lovely Lauren at The Endearing Home. She, too, shopped for antiques with the inimitable Shirley and gave me a shout-out, which led to tons of traffic.

I wrote about getting rid of clothes and how I have moved toward a more "pants-and-tunic" lifestyle. But seeing if things give me joy when I touch them? Could get me arrested.

Posts that I did regarding menopause were a hit, even though I have received a cease-and-desist letter that says I can't call them what I used to call them. Under a new name, it is a goal of mine to do better in 2017. I'd like to be sure to get two per month finished to completion. (There are a lot of half-baked ones in my queue. Look for them, even though they won't be called MMs.)

DL showed up to share his wares (which sounds dicey, but there you have it) and folks were intrigued. (Folks are often intrigued by DL. He's an riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.)

And speaking of DL, folks were interested in reading about having a vintage/home decor business. I wrote about the realities here,  organizing for a show here, and setting up a booth at a show here.

Well, that's it for 2016...nine posts that were well-received. So, because it's cold and lousy and I want it to be summer on a lake, here's one of the most popular posts of all-time!

Enjoy the top ten from these really awesome bloggers, and have a fabulous 2017!

Other Top Ten Posts of 2016


Junkchiccottage said...

Good Morning Kirby. Love all your posts and I am wishing you many more for 2017.
Enjoy this last week of the year as we head on down to new beginnings.

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I, too, am always surprised at the top 10! Love you and the blog and all the best for a wonderful New Year! And a cease and desist letter? For reals?

:) Linda

Bliss said...

A letter about MM? Say it isn't true! I'm gonna take my misery to Niagara on the Lake.

Andrea said...

What!?!? A cease and desist!?!? You've hit the big time!

Feral Turtle said...

Perhaps you could call your Menopausal Monday ...."Periodless by Kirby" or maybe "Mensie Free Monday".....that would draw in the pregnant crowd too!
Love your wit Kirby. Looking forward to more in 2017. Happy New year to you and your family!

Feral Turtle said...

Perhaps you could call your Menopausal Monday ...."Periodless by Kirby" or maybe "Mensie Free Monday".....that would draw in the pregnant crowd too!
Love your wit Kirby. Looking forward to more in 2017. Happy New year to you and your family!

Jennifer Carroll said...

So glad you experienced a rebound in 2016! We need your wit and vivaciousness in the blogworld!! I hope you have a magnificent New Year and a spectacular New Year!! xoxo, Jennifer @ Celebrating Everyday Life

Gail Wilson said...


Fun post! We all have our slumps, I try my best to roll with it. My most popular posts are not all from 2016. I checked my GA to get the top 10 of 2016 and had to add many rows to get them all.

Embrace the old content. :)

May 2017 be your best year yet!


Paula@SweetPea said...

DL has some awesome products to sell. I clicked over and enjoyed looking.

Here's to a great 2017!


Jessica Hill said...

Here's to a bright, creative 2017!

Jennifer Fenton said...

We hate to hear about the slump but so glad that traffic is bouncing back. Cheers to a Happy New Year!

Vicki and Jenn
2 Bees in a Pod

Shelley from Roots North and South said...

Love your sense of humor! Thanks for sharing your top ten... Have a happy new year!

Http:// said...

Your humor, talent and creativity are what keeps your blog alive! I love it. I will definitely be back to see more in 2017.

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

You've been one busy lady! Here's to an awesome 2017 for you!

Julie said...

Happy New Year, Kirby! You crack me up!! XOXO

malia said...

Glad your blogging is going well and cheers to you for a happy healthy 2017!

Kim Jones said...

SO glad 2016 was a good year, it looks like it was a blast! Hope 2017 is a great year too!

Kirby Carespodi said...

Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments!

reFresh reStyle said...

Happy 2017, I'm still embracing 2016 and cannot get it in gear!! You crack me up! The KonMari method didn't work for me either LOL

Mary Beth said...

Oh, my, Kirby! How have I never found you before???? I love your humor and look forward to more in 2017. So happy to be hopping with you (yes, I'm just now getting to commenting on everyone's posts....what can I say, LIFE GRRRR). Have a wonderful year and it's a pleasure to "meet" you.

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