Thursday, November 3, 2016

DL's Back! (for another round of whatever)

One of the conditions of our splitting up (more about that later) is that I give DL an opportunity to write more blogs. He said that without me, he won't have success selling his creations, so I need to at least give him a few paragraphs now and then.

If you've been reading a long time, you might remember that once in awhile, I let DL commandeer the blog to show off his wares, so to speak. He writes it, then I go back and interject in italics. It is at least double the work, because his diction and syntax (English teacher words) are those of an engineer, so I clean it up a little. Like using a red pen, but not exactly.

(Kirby: DL goes to these things and tends to get what I call "auction drunk, mainly because I don't stay through to the end, unless there's a lot of good stuff. When I'm not there to hold him back, he goes off the rails. Some of his buys are good, some are...well, let's just say I'm trying to design a kitchen around a 300+ pound tobacco thingy.)

DL: A lot of the auctions where I find my stuff are on-line auctions. They're on line because they're specialty auctions, selling off stuff from factories. (Kirby: notice that DL uses "stuff" a lot? That's diction. He can't think of a better word. But engineers make a decent wage, so I'll let it go.)
DL continues: When I bid on the on-line auctions, I usually have a maximum price in mind. Sometimes I know exactly how much I should spend on something based on previous auctions, and sometimes I have to guess how much I can ask for a piece when it's done. (Kirby: that means he has to ask me.) The on-line auctions also have to be within a day's drive or close to my parents, so that I don't have to spend money on a hotel. (Kirby: I keep telling him to bid on an auction somewhere it would be cool to go, like a lake or the beach or the Gulf Coast, but he doesn't listen! I'm hoping I can get a vacation out of this someday, dangit!)

DL: I got this cart at an on-line auction. There were two, but I only got one because I didn't know exactly how big they were. When I go to pick up the things (This is where I turned "stuff" to "things" because he uses the word stuff. All. The. Time.), I either rent a panel truck or I try to fit everything in the war wagon. (Kirby: The war wagon is a 1995 Volvo station wagon that used to be my mom-mobile but has seen waaay better days. I wrote about how it fell on me once, a couple of years ago.) DL: For this auction, I rented a truck, but I didn't know how full it would be with other large items, so I didn't get the second one. I should have, because Kirb says it makes a great kitchen island, and she has taken it. (But not until he gave it four coats of sealer. I like rust, but not in my kitchen!)

DL: I think this piece is from an estate sale. Kirb says if it has drawers, buy it. (I do.) (Plus, it's already been sold, so I know what I'm talking about.)

DL: Last year, I built a bar cart just before Christmas, and it sold within the first couple of weeks. (Kirby: It was beautiful. You can see it here.) This one is smaller and doesn't have a middle shelf or all the details the other one had. This smaller one might fit better into some customers' spaces. (I'm thinking specifically of some of the new loft spaces downtown...not every customer has a huge living room for a big bar.)

(Kirby: DL bought dozens of these little metal boxes at an auction. When I asked him what he was going to do with them, he said he had something in it is.)
DL: I have a lot of these little metal drawers, so I took some metal shelves that I had taken off a frame I used for another project and paired it with some wood and came up with this bookcase. (This was the project of ten thousand questions. Is this wood okay? Should I put the drawers in the middle? Is the stain dark enough? Are the legs the right scale? GOOD LORD! It was like living with a toddler for two weeks.)

(Kirby: I can see this in some hipster's basement, holding their Jack Kerouac novels and Quentin Tarantino DVDs.)

That's all for DL right now. Soon we'll be talking about why we split up and what we plan to do next. Look for DL again in the future!


Cassie Bustamante said...

it's fun seeing what catches his eye! :)

Hannah said...
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Kathleen George said...

I love your writing, smiling the whole time I'm reading this post:). DL has an engineer mind and with the both of your talents combined, great pieces come together. The industrial look is very popular.
Kathleen in Az

Rose L said...

Nice works, both kinds!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Love the industrial vibe DL has going!

kz1000st said...

Years ago when I was substitute teaching I told a group of Middle School students how to fix using "Stuff". "Whenever you feel the word STUFF coming on use the word "MATERIALS". Inform DL of this. It works every time. MATERIAL in the singular case.

Bliss said...

I think DL always does pretty good on his auction buys, but did I miss the picture where he was showing his wares?

Andrea said...

I would be happy to pick up any online auction wins in my area! Plus, I rarely need an excuse to go to Rochester. There really is something about drawers! They give off the aura of organization.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Well I love stuff. And the word stuff. And making stuff. And making stuff from stuff. My favorite store in Kansas City was called Stuff. And I like engineers too, but I won't go there...

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