Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Walkabout Wednesday: Haunted House Edition

After my dad died, my mother knew exactly where she wanted to live.

A few of her OLFs (Old Lady Friends, but don't tell her I said that) lived in the same apartment complex closer to the city, where there were amenities like doctors and hospitals and Target and Barnes & Noble, all of which are important when you reach your seventies.

When I go to visit (not frequently enough, as she is 700 miles away), I like the fact that while she naps, I can take a walk.

Adjacent to apartment complex is a fairly large housing development. Most of the houses have been built within the last 20 years. They have decent-sized lots and my father, before he passed away, said that the builder does a good job. (No faint praise, as my dad did not scatter compliments like rose petals.)

I like to walk there because there isn't a lot of traffic, and I can go two or three miles without having to cross any busy streets.

Plus I get to look at the haunted house.

To be truthful, I'm not sure that the house is really haunted, but it sure does give off that vibe. It's been empty for as long as I can remember, and it looks as if folks just left in the middle of the night.

(Is there someone looking at me from behind the curtains?)

My mother says that pipes have burst and there's water damage and that's why it's not for sale. But if folks moved, why not take the curtains?

I'll just say that I'm glad it's daylight when I walk by.

Have you ever seen a house that just creeps you out?


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I think you should listen to your intuition and stay away. The curtains were left to hide the peepers that are watching you.
But you know that. ;)

andi filante said...

There are definitely wee ghoulies watching you from that house. Our neighbors had some financial troubles and had to give their house back to the bank. Fortunately, the bank has been mowing the yard, but it's still obvious the place has been abandoned. Hopefully they will get it for sale soon; otherwise, I'm afraid it will start to look haunted as well. :(


Rose L said...

Here in Oregon City there are quite a few homes built in the 1800's and some need work, so they look haunted, especially at night!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Every time I walk around in my neighborhood while taking the dog out it feels like I always spot a house I've never seen -- or never noticed -- before. Perhaps its a living in the city phenom? Last year while walking back from dropping my daughter at the bus stop I spotted the creepiest house ever. And a strange guy was standing by the front door peering out. The house was old. Paint chipping. Roof-line sagging. The front yard overgrown. And my first thought was "murder house." My second thought was to warn my daughter not to walk past murder house on her way back from the bus stop!

Summer said...

Cute post! Love the photos♥

Dana Sebastian said...

It's a bit creepy..These scary-looking homes.


karen@somewhatquirky said...

Well that house didn't creep me out until you started describing it... I can't think of any houses that creep me out - unless I consider all the blighted houses in many areas of Detroit...

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