Thursday, October 27, 2016

More of the "Old Folks Homes"...

On Tuesday, I shared a tour of a neighborhood with small homes designed for empty-nesters.

Today, I'm sort of sharing the same thing.

Only this house (similar to the one above) is more than double the size and price of the other "old folks'" homes.

It had a small central gathering spot...but no boule/bocce court. If you have close to a million bucks to spend on a house, then you're probably not going to hang out with the other old-timers playing lawn games. You're too busy playing with your money.

Again, the attention to detail was amazing. Gorgeous styling from Ethan Allen, with a central theme of blues, whites and grays. I wish I could've taken more photos, but the house was packed and people were not kind to the old broad with the camera, so I had to sneak all these photos. (And all the guys associated with the house were watching the Panthers game, and they refused to move aside for me to take a picture, so yeah.)

The finishes chosen for this house were perfect. I just love this tile backsplash behind the stove and the chandelier in the dining room.

My second-favorite part of this house was the Master Suite, and all I kept thinking was "Shirley would love this!" It had Shirley written all over it.

Another look at "Shirley's" room.

The master bath was gorge--that wall paper!!

The guest room...

But my favorite part of the house was the outdoor space and back entry:

This is the back door. The floor is a laminate that looks like chippy wood. This space leads into an all-purpose room with some very cool features:

Dog crate and bowls, a farmhouse sink and open shelving. The granite countertop is for your projects!! And do you see over on the right?

A built-in space for wrapping paper!

The back door leads out to a great patio space (and my pictures are crazy because of the strong sunlight--everything came out either waaaay too bright or in full shadow) with a covered area, a lounging area with a fountain, and a fireplace for cool weather gatherings.

Carrying on the theme of blue-and-white, the gate to the side alley was "Carolina" blue.

It was a gorgeous house with lovely features, but I think I'd rather play boule.


Summer said...

Shirley's room is gorgeous, and that master bathroom is stunning ♥

Cassie Bustamante said...

i'll send this my parents way- they're looking to spend a cool mil on their retirement home. ;)

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

Get out!!! A built-in place for wrapping paper. Who does that? It really is a beautiful house, but way too adult for me. Love the guest room and those green shelves are a splash of fun.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

What a gorgeous house- I'm seriously considering painting my brick and this may have pushed me over the edge. I loved the color scheme.
I would lock myself in the bedroom. It would have to be a dog free and Magoo free zone, of course. When can I move in? I wouldn't have much money left after I bought it so I'd still be available for games, Kirbs.

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