Monday, October 3, 2016

Menopause: Fashion over fifty

Fall fashion over fifty?

They've got advice for you.

Unfortunately, getting advice from the internet is like getting a dog that already has bites.

Everyone wants to tell us what to do. Don't these whippersnappers realize we have fought some battles so that they can do what THEY want to do? So they're giving us rules? *snort*

Is somebody gonna tell me I can't wear a jean jacket? Because we can step outside.

Luckily, I am here to read all the advice on the internet and then tell you what's what.
You're welcome.

Most of the advice in the article, Ten winter fashion mistakes that make you look older, is not technically advice at all. It's a list of you look older if you're NOT wearing white, NOT mixing black and navy, etc. So it's NOT really advice at all.

But I'm here to help y'all with that. (Again, you're welcome.)

This is me wearing sunglasses and wrinkles. And OWNING it.

I say: wear whatever the heck you want. After fifty, the rules no longer apply. Wave your hands in the air like you don't care because being able to raise your arms is miracle enough, at our age.

A blouse, a cardigan and some cute slacks (they have this style at Old Navy and they're fairly inexpensive) are good for going just about anywhere. This is the kind of thing I wear to work. (For the uninitiated, I am "The Book Lady" at a nearby Title I elementary school.) It is cute without looking juvenile, which is important. You don't want to look as though you are trying to wear your daughter's/granddaughter's clothes.

If you like your Hepburn in menswear, throw on some wide-legged pants like these (Banana Republic has some called Logan) with a blazer and blouse. This outfit is for when you mean business and if they don't listen, it implies that you will not think twice about kicking somebody's a$$. 

For a night out, try some fur cuffs. I have a few weasels that I like to haul out on occasion, and I like them because nothing says "stay away from me; I'm crazy," quite like a weasel.

And if you want to vacuum in a wedding dress, no one should attempt to stop you. Because we can wear whatever we want, dangit!  And if we want to wear black without navy or Hawaiian-print muumuus, we should just go for it!

But make sure it's paired with a weasel.


Linda @ it all started with paint said...

How did you know I was just Googling if it's okay for me to wear knee-high boots after 50! And "wedding guest dresses for women over 50" was my other search. Sigh. I should have added "with a belly" to that search ...

But, dangit, I found a cute lace overlay shift dress paired with black suede boots that I'm seriously thinking of buying to wear to an upcoming "unconventional" wedding (kinda hip at a Chicago art gallery and the bride is vintage-only and has not plans to wear a traditional white wedding gown!).

Thanks for the reminder that we earned the option to wear what we want! I just hope I don't embarrass my date (my teen daughter). :)

Bliss said...

I've got no fur cuffs or weasels, no wedding dress that isn't several sizes too small, I do have a jean shirt but not sure I can button it over the girls, and there are issues with pants of any kind. So I stay in my jammies. I could do a post on pj's.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I say....wear what looks great on you...fur cuffs and all....but cannot fit into my wedding gown....In the new sizes these days, I think it is a 00 .... so no way...I shall vacuum in my jeans, white shirt and cardigan and hope that I look like Audrey Hepburn! You make crack me up Kirby!

Good Time Charlie said...

I have 2 years to go until I hit 50. Until then I guess I should stick to the older 40's wardrobe. For me, that's a pair of cropped jeans and t-shirts. I just pick longer jeans and long sleeve tshirts on when the weather cools down. I am however, going to start investing in some wide leg pants and treat myself to cashmere button downs instead of wool/acrylic blends.

Andrea said...

I love shopping at the Clothes Mentor now...that way if I do end up making a poor choice with a fancy designer, it didnt cost so much that I must keep wearing it or feel guilty

Tisha Clapp said...

This is so helpful, Kirby! Why is it I can decorate a house but I cannot dress myself? They seem like crossover skills. I think I'm going for something between Audrey and Katharine - sort of straight Ellen. With a jean jacket thrown in for good measure. Good thing I checked in with you instead of googling fashion faux pas over forty!!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

My problem with the aging/wardrobe issue is that the older and poorer I get, the more I just don't want to spend money on clothes. A lot is because I don't have places to wear them. Some is that I'm too fat to fit many if the clothes I have. Some is that I'm so uninterested in the subject. Since you are working it has to matter to you and I don't envy the challenges of clothing yourself without going broke!

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