Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Walkabout Wednesday: Longwood Gardens, Part I

This year, I managed to shame DL into taking me somewhere. (I rarely have to shame him, but he is definitely someone who likes to stay at Brandywine, given the choice. He is so much like my dad that sometimes I can't get my head wrapped around it. Do you hear that, Russ? I found a good one.)

One of the ideas behind this trip was to look at gardens, as we are planning our gardens at Brandywine. (I've written extensively about it, here and here and a bunch of other places.) So this trip was primarily for research, with some nice walks and good meals thrown in.

(Every once in awhile, DL says, "take a picture of me!" and I do, just to humor him.)

The outdoor gardens were difficult to shoot, because it was so sunny. A beautiful day to walk, but not a beautiful day to photograph. These pictures are waaaaay too bright.

The outdoor gardens along the top path are arranged by can see the all-white garden (above). There are blue, red, pink, yellow, orange, etc. All the plants were labeled, and it was incredibly helpful, because I just took photos of the labels of the plants I liked. Over the winter, when I'm planning the next part of the garden, I can research to see if (a) they'll grow in my area, and (b) what kind of exposure they need.

There were a plethora of water features, as well.

Above you see the jouggy pond. I love a jouggy pond with all my heart. I even love the scum. If only I had a jouggy pond, I could die happy.

The water lilies were amazing. I posted photos of these on my instagram, and the crowd went wild!!

Come back next week for a tour inside the greenhouse, won't you?


SimplySingleSenior said...

Gorgeous gardens - very inspiring. I especially love the arbor. I have a dream for an arbor in my garden with a climbing rose gracing it!

pcb said...

I visited Longwood Gardens many years ago and was amazed at the sheer size! All of the areas were fascinating; I particularly remember an enormous staghorn fern...

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