Friday, July 8, 2016

Fixed Income Friday: The Rules

Last week I mentioned that I left the classroom and took a job at a low-performing school that has been taken over by the feds.

I'm sure I can make a difference to this school, but I'm also taking a huge cut in pay.

Hence, the penny-pinching.

In light of the fact that I will be broke as a joke, I have set a few ground rules for myself. My first rule will be the most difficult to follow:

No more Target.
Because until I've adjusted to my new penniless lifestyle, I will have to remain outside.

I've always had a "little problem" with Target. I cannot go there and just get one thing. Target knows what it's doing.
They suck you in, my friends.

They suck you in with pastels and twine and cute cardigans in all colors.

They entice you with huge jars of trail mix and brass things you didn't even know you needed! And where else can you find such awesome wrapping paper?

I could never get out of Target without spending twice as much as I should. Do I need another pair of pillowcases? Heck no! But these are so pretty!! And so the cycle continued.

So my first rule for living on a fixed income is: don't go to Target until you have learned to go into a store, get what you need, and GET OUT.

And to whomever cleans my house out after I'm dead? I'm sorry for all the wrapping paper.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i avoid target on purpose and only go when i have a legitimate need for this very reason!!!

andi filante said...

OMG they suck me in with their Archer Farms coffee! In fact, I'm ready for another stock-up. Thanks Kirby. Now you're making ME go to Target! =D


Rose L said...

I rarely go there, maybe once a year, as too far away.

Carla said...

I hear ya. I quit my job this year and am currently living on my savings. It is a BIG adjustment. I haven't had to curtail my spending in like forever so this is rather interesting.

Bliss said...

I have gotten real good about staying out of any store. Problem is I have learned a workaround very well from my computer chair.

SimplySingleSenior said...

Oh so true -- they know how to get us don't they with the "oh these are so cute" $1-$5 items at the front of the store, the delectable scarves and handbags in every color of the rainbow - and then, of course - the clothes displayed so invitingly? Since I have been working part time and living on VERY little, I have to really be disciplined! The problem for me is they are the closest store to me and soooo very convenient so when I go there I have to put blinders on and be strong!

Andrea said...

I have adopted sort of the opposite strategy over the past couple of years and try to limit myself to only Target (and Wegmans, of course).My biggest gripe there as of late though, is how all of the super cool stuff hanging out in the "dollar spot" is now $3 each!

Marie Blackburn said...

Ha ha ha Kirby! That is one of few problem I don't have thanks to the demise of Target in the Canadian market. I was excited when a store opened up in my neighborhood and nervous for the same reasons you described in your post. I was disappointed when I soon realized they were not the same as the ones in the US (hence the demise). Good luck putting on the blinders whenever you pass your local Target store.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Send a man. That's what I do. Both Target and Costco. Never go to the Target in the fancy hoods. They have many more temptations.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Thankfully there is not a Target close by enough to be a problem for me but when I do go I want everything!

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