Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Between the Lines: Brandywine Cottage

Katherine's Corner has a great series going--she's featuring bloggers who are over fifty. ('Bout time somebody got us together!)

Katherine has asked us how we feel as bloggers who are "of a certain age." I will be honest and say that I think, as a group, we are a lot more interactive with comments and support of one another and a great deal less competitive, which is silly anyway. The fact that we are all still vertical is a bonus, fercryin' outloud. I started blogging to make some connections outside my adopted town, where I feel like an outsider, not for more drama. So these middle-aged women are keeping me sane!!

When I first began blogging, it was just about life in general, and then I tried to get specific with posts about fixing up our 1948 cottage. But that is a wheel which turns so slowly that I had to add crafts and recipes and other stuff. Then I began writing Downton Abbey recaps which were a huge hit! DL occasionally co-writes a post (that's my husband) about a project, and I write a "Menopause" feature a couple of times a month, and so it has turned once again into a blog about life in general. 

And so it goes.

(This is Charles Dickens. I *heart* him.)

In real life, I am an English teacher. I am hoping to switch to a media center (aka library) job this fall, but that remains "up in the air" for now. English is no longer about the literary canon (which is why I loved it so much), but about literacy skills. Reading in high school is a hard sell...and I'm tired.

I am counting down the months (we're at 21 right now) when I can be a full time somethingotherthanteacher. And I can participate in creative shenanigans while enjoying a beverage!

I hope you'll come back and visit again! And to all my Canadian friends...Happy May Two Four!!


Rita C. said...

Kirby, I'll need to get back to Katherine's Corner and check out her series. It's been awhile since I've visited.
I can't wait for you to get to the place where you can get all shenanniganny, and I hope you can get that media center job. If it's like our school system, you won't know until the week school starts in August - if then.
I really enjoy my blogging friends who are my contemporaries, and you're certainly one of them. Keep on rockin', sister.

Dewena said...

Thank you for your years of teaching those kids and surely more than you know have been inspired to love good books. But I hope you get your heart's desire for your future me-time.

Is there room in Katherine's Corner for those who would be older sisters to your crowd? There seem to be few of us but our secret is that we still feel the same as you young girls! I'll go visit there.

Happy school vacation to you,

jodie filogomo said...

It's nice to meet you from Between the Lines!!
You have a great sense of humor, and since I love laughing, I feel like we're bound to be friends!!

Art and Sand said...

I am not familiar with any of the blogs you listed so I will check them out.

I started my countdown at about the same time frame as you, but that date looked so far away that I actually retired a year earlier than originally planned.

Sheila Deeth said...

I love this between the lines series. And it's great to meet an English teacher here. (Actually, I'm a mathematician, but it was a close thing, choosing, way back "before the lines.")

Marie Blackburn said...

So good to see you here in the Between The Lines Blogging series, Kirby! Thanks for the chuckles, I can ALWAYS count on them when visiting your blog, especially on Menopausal Mondays. I ♥ Charles Dickens too. Happy May 24th back to you, I hope you enjoyed your long weekend! Only a few more sleeps until the 2015-16 school year is finished and you can enjoy some creative shenanigans and a beverage, for a couple of months.

Mary K.- The Boondocks Blog said...

It is so nice to meet you Kirby! I am also a huge Downton Abbey fan and am saddened by the end of the series, I guess you'll have to recommend another series for us to watch. Charles is also a favorite of mine, as are many of the great English writers. But I have been reading a lot of the classical Russians lately. Now at this ripe old age I can actually understand them! I look forward to visiting your blog again and will follow you on social media.

Nikki G said...

Hello from Between the Lines week 5. I enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more and getting to know you better. Humor is a great thing.
:) gwingal

Evelyn Mann said...

Menopausal Monday...love it. So far, my only symptoms are the occasional headaches which I never had before. Keep sharing the journey.

Smiles, Evelyn

Nancy Wolff said...

It is so nice to meet you! I am Nancy from Nancy On The Home Front, one of the fellow bloggers in the Between the Lines series. Love you sense of humor and look forward to reading more!

Cathy Lawdanski said...

Life in general is a good topic. I write about what interests me. I have done a Dancing With the Stars recap with another blogger and that has been such fun. I would have loved your Downton Abbey recaps! Great post. Cathy from Between the Lines Week 6

Roz Corieri Paige said...

Such a pleasure to meet you through this wonderful blogging series! I, too, am in education and would love to be able to say 21 months until retirement (actually it is 5 more years for me). Life after 50 and in the blog ing world is and will continue to be so enjoyable and rewarding!

Rena said...

I'm really enjoying this series and the new connections I'm making. You have found yourself a new subscriber. So happy to be sharing the Between The Lines week 6 spotlight with you.


Feral Turtle said...

What a wonderful collection of bloggy women. I LOVE your blog Kirby. Never a dull moment!!

Katherines Corner said...

Terrific post. English was always one of my favorite subjects. Our older grandchildren don't read books very often. I am always encouraging them. The electronics is all they know. I fear one day the book itself will be gone.... Thank you for your bloggy friendship and for participating in the between the lines series xo

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to get kids to read these days. But if anyone can, it's you!
I love your blog and everything you share with us.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

What a great blog series to have and be part of! I must go check out the other "middle age" blogs!!

Bliss said...

Can I tell everyone you're not really 50 cuz you're pregnant?

carol@The Red Painted Cottage said...

It's so great to meet another blogger from Between The Lines and a fellow educator. I've been retired from teaching for awhile and have to say that I don't miss it! I used to teach home economics, which has now become a lost subject. Anyways, I'll be featured in week 10 of this series and I'm following along on your adventures.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I love a good over 50 woman. I sure wish they could let you know about that dang job so you would have it to look forward to.

Amy Johnson said...

Nice to meet you through the Between the Lines series. Following on Instagram.

Wendy S said...

Hi, Kirby, from a fellow Between the Lines blogger and high school English teacher! You are so right -- getting high schoolers to love reading IS a hard sell! I encouraged my students to listen to audiobooks just to get them interested (okay, so by "encouraged," I mean "required" :) ). You have 21 months left; I just taught my last class a few weeks ago. It is bitter sweet. I'm excited, but will miss the kids. Good luck to you, and I look forward to following along with your journey!

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