Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Walkabout Wednesday, Heartbreak Edition

Two years ago, I wrote about this house and it's beautiful surroundings.

I've also written about the ridiculousness of our neighbors being unwilling to take a chance on a house, and tearing down what could be a gem in order to get a ballroom-sized kitchen.

Well, this beautiful (yet dated and ready for a complete reno) has fallen to the backhoe and bulldozer.

Every time I see this happen, I think "Why? It could have been so much fun fixing it up!"

DL drove the four blocks to see what was going on, and he talked for a few minutes to the guys. (You know how these guys are...they like to talk about stuff like this.) They had just torn down the garage and were beginning on the house. He asked if he could salvage a few things, and they let him in for a minute, where he grabbed a few hardwood shelf boards and some slate roofing tiles, which we could use to patch our roof when it needs it.

But they were under a time crunch and the whole house had to be down in two days. DL said it broke the guys heart not to have someone come in and salvage stuff to be used elsewhere, but he was just following instructions.

We could have taken the windows, doors, and vintage fixtures to use in our house or to sell to other renovators. I can't believe that it was all just crushed with the backhoe.


One last note...there's a great series every Tuesday over at Katherine's Corner. If you are over fifty (or even almost fifty), you should check it out!


Andrea said...


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i have actual tears, and i am not kidding. i am sick to my stomach.

Bliss said...

Nothing salvaged? That is really really really a shame.

PamLuvsPink said...


It's awful when you see sites like this. There was a beautiful vintage home that the neighbourhood was trying to save. It's a beautiful character home.

It's a shame!!


Rose L said...

I'm with you! It should have been redone and not destroyed. A lot could have been salvaged as well!

Marie Blackburn said...

What a bloody shame. The windows and front door on that house were gorgeous and so was the brick. So much could have been recycled. Such a shame that a house with all that character is bulldozed. I bet the entire neighborhood is watching with disgust.

Junkchiccottage said...

That is just sad. Seriously sad.

Feral Turtle said...

What a waste :(

karen@somewhatquirky said...

What. A. Bummer. Suckiest of suck.

Donnamae said...

This makes me ill!

andi filante said...

Oh my gosh I'm sooooo sad!


Katie said...

In our town (Evanston IL), there is a intense movement to reclaim as much of a tear-down house as possible . . . in fact, it might be a law now. And this kind of tear-down process provides more jobs as well as adding less to the landfill. Wish this beautiful house could have met a kinder fate -- either save completely or save its pieces. What a shame.

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