Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mrs. C's Book Report

Awhile back, there were three or four or sometimes even five of us who read books and reviewed them at the same time, kind of like a book club, only without the wine. And it lasted for about a year, and then it all fell apart...we lived in different places and all had different schedules and commitments and mostly, I think, we didn't have the wine and so there was no real 'clubbiness.'

And, as I am not part of any real life book club, I have no impetus to read anything, other than force of habit.

So I decided that if no one else will hold me accountable? I will hold myself accountable. (I just wish I could hold myself accountable for all the crap I eat, but I give myself excuses.)

The plan is to blog about books at least once a month. There is no particular formula for this, but if you like to read, check back here once in awhile.

Today, I am not reviewing a book, but I am giving you a head's up to two different websites that will help you find books and also give you some free ones to try.

The first thing I am sharing is Project Gutenberg. As an English teacher, this is a real life-saver for me. It has THOUSANDS of classic novels FOR FREE! You simply look up the title and voila! The text is there.  A kid forgets a book? Hey! Grab a tablet! They have Jekyll and Hyde on line! No excuses.

(Now...I will say that the books are not easy-to-read, large font, page break paperbacks...but if you want to TRY a classic novel, this is a good way to try a few chapters without a commitment.)

The second site you should take a look at is Goodreads. I don't use it as frequently as I should, but I like the way the books are reviewed. They aren't reviewed by people who are making their living by reading books (as in some Amazon reviews), but by people who just like to read. Some of the reviews are more insightful than others, and there seems to be a lot of twenty-somethings who get all dramatic and love to tell you they ugly-cried for an hour over the ending of some book, but there are also folks who are sensible, and I like that.

One thing I probably will NOT do here is read the books that are popular best-sellers. I tend to look for books that are less upmarket fiction and more based on the vibe I get. So you are stuck with my vibes. But I hope you'll be back to see what I'm reading!


Anna of the Mutton Years said...

Will you ugly cry on here though?

Kathleen George said...

I'm ready for your reviews on your selection of books. Very pleased to know the students with the help of technology can read the classics.
Have a nice day teaching those whipersnappers, Kathleen in Az

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I know Goodreads, but had no clue about Project Gutenberg! Thanks for the heads up and let me know when you have a book to share so I'll know to put down my current read, which happens to be a package of vanilla Oreo thins.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

I just started a book by an author I haven't read before -- "The Master" by Colm Toibin. Since I quit teaching many years ago, I have gotten lazy in my reading and often stick with easy, cozy mysteries. So nice to read something that is truly well written for a change.

Andrea said...

I am excited for your reads!

andi filante said...

I love to read fiction and I'm constantly flipping pages on my Kindle. I admit to reading some current, popular stuff...some of which I've liked, others notsomuch. I love action/adventure/suspense stuff, which I don't think is your favorite, but I think we can still be friends. ;) I'm about halfway through "A Time To Kill" right now. I haven't really read Grisham and that was his first novel. I like his writing style. Whatchoo reading? Oh yeah...future post.


Rose L said...

I have several friends who are excellent writers!

Those are few.

Rose L said...

I almost forgot the funniest and best!

She also wrote a touching and funny series under a pen name of Kris Knorr
there are 3 books

Wonderful books!!!

Good Time Charlie said...

I am ready! I always forget about checking good reads. My book club is still alive and kicking after several incarnations and 18 or so years. I love to hear what other good readers are reading.

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