Friday, April 1, 2016

Fabulousity at Fifty!

I am not one to stress over Google Juice. 

I don't make a living blogging and I have very little patience for those who cry "foul" over perceived infractions of blogetiquette.

(There are some things that are way uncool, but at my age I can't sweat the little stuff. Mainly because sweating leads to hot flashes which leads to me peeling off my shirt. You want 'uncool'? There you have it.)

But I DO like to check my Google Analytics to see who is visiting Brandywine Cottage. 

It looks like the folks who visit the Brandywine blog are the same kind of folks who visit the Brandywine brick-and-mortar.

55-to-64. My people.

Women of substance.

Women of wit.

Women of wisdom.

Women who are not stressed about the little $hit, mainly because we don't have time. Because we are on the "downhill" side and we know that if we sweat the small stuff, we won't have the energy to sweat the big stuff. And the big stuff is inevitable. Big stuff happens, and the older you get the more frequently it happens. 

We are the folks whose parents die, whose kids get divorced or lose jobs, whose aches and pains can no longer be "shaken off" and who have to make life adjustments nearly every day. And we do it.

We aren't the women who expect trophies or kudos or shout-outs or features or whatever...but we're the ones who should get them. Because we are the glue that keeps the whole dang thing from falling apart.

For a long time, I was sad that I wasn't cute anymore. I was sad that no one paid attention to me at my job. (I was especially sad when a young teacher called me "irrelevant.") I was sad that I wasn't able to keep up (physically) in my dance class and (mentally) in speed trivia.

But I'm not sad anymore. I'm proud.

Proud to be a part of a group that is vital and interesting and funny and smart. Proud to wear my "battle scars," both physical and emotional. Proud to be living on a fixed income, because it forces me to be more creative. Proud to say that I have been married to the same man for nearly 33 years and no, I'm not bored, we are actually having a great time. Proud that I made it through those years my kids were teenagers and I thought for sure that somebody would wind up dead at the side of the road. 

I'm proud of you ladies, too. Proud that you have chosen my blog to read. Proud that I have made friends with many of you, even if it's only through commenting. Proud that many of you have shared your stories with the world, because we deserve a place at the table. 

We have earned it.


Rita C. said...

Thank you, Kirby! What an awesome post. I'm proud to count myself among those in your group.
Rita C at Panoply

Bliss said...

Dam straight I'm a WSWWWW, but I'm still sad I'm not cute anymore.

Anna of the Mutton Years said...

Thank you and to right! We're the Advisers.

miss flibbertigibbet said...

True words. Cute WOULD be would thin.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

yay! go us! wait a minute....

Feral Turtle said...

A wonderful post Kirby. I'm at 25 years with my man and believe me, the side of the road looked like a good dumping spot at times. I'm pretty sure he thinks about that spot all the time.... Have a great weekend!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

My first thought when I saw your age group of core readers was that I am not in that group -- too young! But then I remembered how old I am. I keep forgetting that I'm 56. How can that be? I'm pretty sure I was 30 just the other day. It's good for me to read your words today. I am struggling a bit with age, feeling irrelevant, etc. I need to work harder at embracing it. And I guess we're not cute anymore, but if anyone tells me I look good for my age, I might smack him/her!

Kathleen George said...

I'm not sure how I found you, but I helped at my daughters school district for years and for awhile you wrote about being a teacher and the challenges ( love at that word, everyone used it for their own reasons, good and bad ) it brings with it.
Love your reviews for DA, so funny and what a great writer too!
59 yrs old and married for 35.
You keep it real Kirby, Kathleen in Az

Andrea said...

Yes, I am in the group that still stresses about shtuff, but sadly am not very cute anymore! I do like hanging around at your place though!

Rose L said...

I will be 64 in July, so hope it does not mean I must exit the group! LOL I enjoy the blog!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

My armpits thank you for the reminder to stop sweating the small stuff already!!! But I'm still struggling to embrace my battle scars ... even though I know it's a losing battle!

But a truly inspiring post today!

:) Linda

zooperson said...

proud to be part of your posse.

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AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

You have spoken true words and right where I am at. When I look in the mirror and see the age, I actually turn away and say oh well! I am in the best company personally with my circle of women friends and here in the blogging world. I relate to you Kirby, and that is the most fun part of reading your blog!!

Donnamae said...

Oh managed to put a smile on my face...and a tear in my eye ! You described me at this age bracket, perfectly! ( Full disclosure here...I just turned 65...I still hope I can continue to come here?) I gave up on cute, a few years ago...but I am fierce and stubborn...and I still have a lot to contribute. Us old broads just have to stick together! Thank you for this! ;)

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Bravo, Kirby!! So beautifully said... enjoy your weekend!
xo Heidi

andi filante said...

Thank gawd I have this to look forward to! It's gonna be great when I'm to the point where I don't have to give a sh!t anymore! I can't wait!


Marie Blackburn said...

Ha, loved this post, Kirby, in more ways than you know and it helped sum up some things that have been rattling in this old head of mine. The 50's club (I called it the Don't Give A $hit Anymore Club) is amazing, powerful, and way too much fun! That numbers game you talked about - it's zapping way too much of my joy juice these days. Enough already!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. And thank you.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. And thank you.

Kim said...

Kirby, I love this post. You've summed it up perfectly. Cheers to us!

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