Sunday, March 6, 2016

Downton: As The Bard said, 'All's well that ends well.' (the one in which you need a box of tissues)

As is appropriate with a final goodbye, this is more of a reflection than a recap. Like my dad's funeral, only different, because Matthew and Sybil and Matthew's first fiancee and a cousin on the Titanic and a horny Turk are dead, not my dad.

We get a great recap of what loose ends are left wafting in the breeze, like Henry's reluctance to continue to race cars, and his existential crisis.

And formerly mean Thomas' search for a job and his post-suicidal decision to turn over a new leaf.

And Mrs. Crawley's continued dilemma regarding Dickie  Lord Merton and his potentially no-goodnik daughter-in-law.
(Wherein the Dowager Countess tells her to "never let tenderness be a bar to a bit of snooping." A rule to live by, peeps.) And Mrs. Crawley admits her feelings for Lord Merton. even though they are "two old fuddy-duddies who can barely manage the stairs."

But of course, the moment of the evening is the reunion of Bertie (now a Marquess) and Edith, arranged by (are you ready for it?) Mary, who has apparently--like Thomas--turned over a new leaf.

Perhaps the most important things that this episode included were the things that let us know that all is as it should be...that everyone can move forward to new life experiences, and that even though we don't always realize it, we are more alike than we are different, whether we are upstairs or downstairs.

Carson and Mrs. Hughes-Carson are so like couples of a certain age--caring for each other in a time of transition. Do Carson and Thomas realize (before or after the transition) that they are more alike then they are different? Both want the way of life they know and love to continue...and it will, but perhaps not in the way they would have hoped.

Cora conjures up the spirit of Sybil and holds her own at a hospital meeting, and Lord Grantham is there to watch her take the helm as a thoroughly modern woman should. Add this to their witty repartee about Edith's re-engagement, and we are confident they'll be jolly empty-nesters.

Molesley is given the offer of picking up more classes and moving to a cottage that the school owns, and he takes it. For someone whose dream it was to be a valet...

Andy wants Daisy to give him the time of day, and it's a long time coming, but it'll be old home week at the Mason farm with the whole family (Mr. Mason, Daisy--and, eventually, Andy and Mrs. Patmore) just as I predicted last year. What began as a family of convenience when Daisy married Mr. Mason's son, becomes a REAL family, and Daisy learns it isn't blood that makes it so.

While Bertie Pelham's mother gives him crap for choosing Edith, Lord G (who has become Edith's biggest cheerleader--golly gumdrops!) tells her not to make Bertie choose between Edith and his mom. So, unbelievably, Mrs. Pelham not only changes her mind, but ends up in warm interaction with Marigold at the wedding, where Edith is a gorgeous bride.

Henry and everyone's favorite Tom decide to give the town its first used-car dealership, and it's a combination that cannot lose. Mary pretends that it's beneath him, but I think secretly, she's tickled. Especially now that she's pregnant.

Speaking of pregnant, Anna and John Bates have a son (in Mary's bedroom, no less) and they are thrilled, as are we all.

And at Downton (as everywhere else), life goes on. As the Dowager Countess says, "With any luck, they’ll be happy enough, which is the English version of a happy ending."  
The show has captured our imaginations and we have invested in these characters for six seasons, through heartbreak and happiness. The characters have been multi-dimensional and intriguing (Spratt, anyone?), and we have been thrilled to see a wide variety of relationships. I will miss the show and subsequent recaps because they have given me the opportunity to connect with Downton lovers from all over, and that has truly been a treat. I hope that y'all who have followed this blog for the Downton recaps will stop back to see what else we have going on here at Brandywine Cottage.

Excuse me while I grab my hankie.


Chris K in Wisconsin said...

It is so true that we really are more alike than different, no matter from where we come. I really want to go back and watch Season 1 ~ when the separation between the two worlds of Downton were so prevalent ~ to more appreciate where they ended in the episode tonight. The times, they truly were a'changing through these 6 seasons.
I'll miss your recaps. They were truly entertaining and it was such fun to hear what everyone else was thinking. I know we will all miss Downton!!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

It's like our friends moved far, far away....

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Not that I wanted it to end, but it did end with a very satisfying episode! And now I don't know what to do with my Sunday evenings! Oh, and of course I'll be back for more of Kirby! :)

Kathleen George said...

"If you love her, you must let her go" said Rose to Lord G. I guess it's true for us. After tonight's episode, it just confirms that there should be a season 7! Tom and the editor? Strong women prevails! Beautiful wedding gown, how lovely Edith looked. Weddings and babies abound! Health scares, some true and some false. Excellent ending for a wonderful series. I new it! Thomas the new head butler!!! So much to write!
Kirby, excellent recaps, they had me laughing and agreeing with everything you wrote. I have been reading your blog regardless of the recaps. Yes indeed, hankies!
Kathleen in Az

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

It was a good ending to answer lots of things but they did leave a few things open.....for a movie possibly? I heard a rumor....

Donnamae said...

I was late to the Downton party...I started watching it at season 4. So now, I'll be watching the first three seasons, so I can really appreciate how things have changed! Thanks for all these recaps...but, I'll still be coming back for all the humor! ;)

Serendipity Refined said...

I'm still holding out hope for a movie...or at least a yearly special. I may wear black for a month. (not that anyone will notice since I do that pretty much all of the time anyway) :)

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Oh, my word!! I watched this yesterday (had to DVR it on Sunday) and spent the afternoon teary-eyed. This was, to me, like one of those books that you don't want to end -- that is so good you go into mourning for a while afterward and can't imagine picking up another book just yet. If this WERE a book, I would read it over and over again. I will miss these characters, these stories, this way of life, the humor, the heart. Woe is us... but I'm so thrilled I had the chance to embrace and enjoy it so thoroughly.
Thank you, Kirbs, for your weekly recaps... I always looked forward to your "take". And now we must soldier on with a stiff (British) upper lip. :)
xo Heidi

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I DVR each episode to see it a few times so I do not miss a thing!...I am so happy that it had a "happy ending" for all .... and I so hope there will be a sequel/reunion of sorts ... we all want to see how they lived happily ever after.

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