Sunday, February 7, 2016

Come to our open house (the one in which Barrow finally shows his true colors)

This week, we open Downton Abbey so a few folks can get a glimpse inside, thanks to Mary and Tom and Cora.

Well, as long as MARY says it's okay...because we all know that whatever Mary wants, Mary gets.

The Lord, however, doesn't think it's such a hot idea.

Daisy will be taking exams in order to further her education, but Mr. Mason wins, as he is in possession of a sweet-a$$ sink. Mr. Molesley has been an integral part of Daisy's education, but it's actually done him as much good as it has done her.


I like Molesley, as he is entering a mid-life resurrection. *More about that in the spring!* He is going to take a test to do something in the school...a general knowledge test. This is like when I win trivia every Tuesday, I think.

Y'all, I CANNOT tell you how OBSESSED I am with this house!!!
Carson is driving. Mrs. Hughes. Crazy. Bates is telling Anna what to do about her health. The Lord is telling Cora what to do about his mom. What is up with these men?? You'd better throw us a bone pretty soon, Julian Fellowes, or we are coming after you. 

Cora is going to run the hospital board...but what will Dame Maggie say?  

This is kind of a one-off, but I absolutely LOVE Laura Carmichael's look in this scene. This is her good side, and from this angle you can see her wonderful bone structure. Plus, these colors are great for her.

"I'm as pleased for her as she would be for me..." Team Edith!!

Barrow is giving George a piggyback and Mary is concerned that he is glum. I am interested to see where this character is going this season. Carson is being ugly to Thomas about finding a new job, even though he's sorry that the times are changing and that we should have an under butler, but hey! It's the twenties! Also, Mrs. Patmore and Carson are concerned that Barrow is leading Andy down the path of destruction (we all know learning how to read will cause you to think for yourself) and Barrow's word isn't good enough for Mr. Carson after all these years. We are given a glimpse of Barrow that we've never seen; perhaps the smugness is covering up for the fact that essentially, Thomas has no one.

(by the way...this season, Rob James-Collier gives Barrow an incredible poignancy. I am thoroughly impressed.)

How much do we love Tom that he stands up to Mary and tells her to let Bates pay the doctor bill for Anna?

So the plot thickens around the hospital drama. I used to watch a hospital drama. In college, we had a television in the dorm lobby...a big old console tube thing that we would gather 'round. Some young ladies actually scheduled classes around this hospital drama. (If you wanted to watch a different drama, you had to go to Galbreath Hall or Browne Hall, where they played something different. This was shortly after the dinosaurs were killed and there were only three channels: NBC, ABC, and CBS. By the time I graduated, there was this newfangled thing called "cable" which was full of these newfangled things called "music videos," but I digress.) Anyway, the Dowager wants to know if the house tour will involve a ribbon-cutting, because as the hospital administrator, she should cut it.

She may end up cutting Cora.

Mary is quizzing everyone she knows about Marigold. She is trying to catch Edith in a scandal, just like Edith ratted on her with the Turkish dude.

"I've had one career already, bringing up my daughters. They don't need me now, so I'm ready for the next." Lady speaks the truth.

Tom and Henry talk cars at a dinner party in London. Everyone is a war widow except Mary. At the end of the meal, Mary and Henry walk back to her lodging, and then...of course...there's rain. Because they have to run for cover and then he can kiss her. Tom gives Mary advice that's pro-Henry, and we will not see Mary and her brother-in-law get together, as they will remain more of a brother and sister, so if you had ANY hopes of that happening, you can throw them into the fire now.

I really like the dynamics between these two. It seems like an honest, unforced relationship--unlike Mary and the car man.

Bertie comes to visit at Downton, and we're in luck because he has some organizational skills!  Thank goodness someone is thinking about this crazy open house! Prospects for Edith? The Lord doesn't particularly think Bertie is a good match for Edith...but it's not his choice now, is it?

Daisy and Mrs. Patmore are at odds over the whole "note to Mr. Mason" thing, and I am thinking "is this fourth grade?" 

Mrs. Patmore's house is ready for visitors and her niece is going to run it. I have a niece, and I would trust her to run my house, but right now she's twelve, so...

Last week, if you recall, Lord Merton introduced his soon-to-be daughter-in-law to Mrs. Crawley.

This is her and she's very cute and has lovely skin, which is probably why Larry the Douche wants to marry her.
The pair (Lord Merton and his son's fiancee) show up for the open house (which Cora likens to the Belgians waiting for the invasion) and they meet up with the Dowager, who has just gone completely ballistic and ripped Cora to shreds in front of a whole room of townspeople. I think this young lady is trying to say, "If Larry objects to Lord Merton and Mrs. Crawley having some sort of relationship, then I will cut off his privates  have a few choice words with him and then cut off his privates ." But mostly she just wants to be nice, I think.

But does she, really?

Stay tuned for our Thursday Downton Worthy feature and this time, it's from Wayfair!


karen@somewhatquirky said...

Oh I don't know what to think! i love it that Edith is happy. And that Tom came back. I don't know how they would manage any of their relationships without him. Maybe he'll end up being a politician. Have a good week dear.

Kathleen George said...

A lot going on and I agree about being happy for Edith. I think it's very sweet between Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason:), why is Daisy upset? Coras simpering voice grates on my nerves!
Great recap, Kathleen in Az

Dharma said...

The Dowager certainly made an arse of herself. Edith's zingers make me laugh every time. She looked gorgeous in this last episode, love looks good on her. I am hoping for a full redemption for Thomas, secretly I have loved him from the start. If Mary uses Marigold against Edith I will scream, after the whole nostalgic love-fest that was remembering Sybil a few weeks back you'd think she would learn to give over a bit. Great recap Kirby!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I'm waiting for the new Mrs. Carson to go off on the mister...I love Carson but he's crossed a line with his remarks! I hope Mrs. Patmore tells Daisy off, too. I like that Edith is happy, I wish Mary would keep her nose out of her business. I felt sorry for Thomas- I know he's really such an ass at times, but it's pain that drives his bad behavior. Someone give the guy a hug, please! Looking forward to Downton Worthy on Thursday!

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