Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Penultimate Episode (the one in which Carson is not amused)

We last left Edith considering Bertie's proposal. She tells Cora that she would accept him if she could tell him about Marigold....

Meanwhile, Mrs. Patmore's Bed and Breakfast has turned into a Motel 6...

...and you know it's all Mrs. Hughes can do to keep from cracking up. (Meanwhile, Carson is not amused.)

So there's sad (?) news for Bertie--his cousin, Lord Hexam, has died in Tangiers. They're calling it "malaria," but we all know better, don't we? Because he was so delicate and whatnot. Anyway, the look on Mary's face speaks volumes...

when they learn that Bertie will become the new Marquis and, if Edith marries him, she will outrank them all!

Now what to do about that pesky Marigold? Mary tells Tom that she knows Marigold is Edith's and you just KNOW she will do something $hitty. She always does. It's like she thinks she's Kanye or something. Bad things happen when Kanye  Mary gets pi$$y.

Our sweet Irish laddie Tom continues to be the voice of reason--encouraging Mary to see if she will give Henry Tolbert a chance and telling her to let Edith be happy for once. We can always count on Tom for sound advice. And to yell at Mary. Unfortunately, Mary doesn't take it and when Henry shows up, Mary just gets pi$$ier. Then, when he leaves, the pi$$-o-meter is at 110%.  That's when Mary outs Edith as Marigold's mother, and Bertie the lord leaves.

(As an older lady, I just think Edith and Bertie appear to be genuinely wonderful for each other and it really chafes me that Mary would do this. Even while they're breaking up, the LOVE IS REAL, PEOPLE!! Meanwhile, Mary and the Mechanic just want to yell over each other. This stuff makes me crazy. Luckily, there's one more episode for Julian Fellowes to get it right.)

Mr. Molesley and I have the same teaching credentials--history and English. I see he also makes lesson plans while he eats dinner. I want to yell "Stop! Don't do it!!" at him, but he has worked so hard at teaching Daisy (who passes everything with high marks!) that I think teaching is his calling.

Maybe if I wear this get-up, my kids'll pay attention??

Anyway, he has a rough time of it at first, but then he manages to get the students' attention and things get better. (Apparently, he doesn't have my second period class, where the only way things get better is if half the kids are absent.)

Mrs. Crawley (in a hat I ADORE!) discusses stuff with the cool little miss, and she basically tells her that b!t@#es get stitches. Mrs. Crawley: Legit Gangsta.

We all knew something was up with Thomas the butler, and because Miss Baxter is all things good, she finds him in the tub (with wrists slashed) before it's too late. Carson is not amused. Mary says something to Lord Grantham about his dismissing Thomas, and the lord answers with "...below the belt, even for you." 

Yeah, Mary...everyone in the world thinks you're a Bee, even your own dad. (But it was nice of her to take George to see Mr. Barrow. And I think Mary might need a diva gay guy friend! That would be perfect!! Oh well, too late, the series is almost over.)

Edith goes to London to immerse herself in work, and her editor (with whose hair I am OBSESSED) are having their advice columnist, Cassandra Jones, come in to re-negotiate salary. Apparently, the column is very successful and brings in revenue for the magazine. Of course they are gobsmacked when Cassandra Jones ends up being Spratt!

Lord and Lady Grantham have tea at Mrs. Patmore's B&B so that they can help her in the PR department, after all her guests cancelled on her. Carson is not amused.

Tom calls on the Dowager as back-up and she talks sense into Mary who calls Henry and he JUST HAPPENS TO HAVE A MARRIAGE LICENSE AND AN UNCLE WHO IS A BISHOP, which is pretty dang convenient, if you ask me. Edith comes home for the wedding and tells Mary that in the end, the only people who will remember are the two of them. And now maybe Mary will be nicer, for awhile.

Not sure we should count on that, but there's only one more episode to go, so...

Lord Grantham leaves us with this thought: there have been lots of surprises from his daughters...even Edith. And he's not sure she's done with them.  So, in next week's episode, we may have yet another surprise. 

My surprise has been that these little posts have had such a big following! (Big for me, anyway.) It has been nice chatting with you, and I hope you will come back again!


Chris K in Wisconsin said...

So Mary & hubby build a mini-castle in the back 40 and Barrow comes along to be the Butler/ Driver/ Manny.
Wouldn't that be fun??
I seem to have trouble with time in each episode. I thought Granny was in the So of France, and all of a sudden she is pulling in the drive..... did Tom know where to send for her and get her there that quickly to have a talking to with Mary ~~ so there could be a marriage.... and it seemed it was all within a day or two.
I truly don't want this to end w/ me sighing one more time "Poor Edith", so I hope there is a wonderful surprise ahead.
Great summary!!

Kathleen George said...

"No man's an island" and "Make peace with yourself". Love the quotes. Really good episode. Edith and Mary talking about only they will remember everything together when they are old. Goosebumps!
Last episode March 6th. Kirby, you're a excellent writer and thank you for your DA posts. Funny and spot on. Looking forward to the last one.
Kathleen in Az

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I will always come back! And tonight I kept getting sidetracked by all the amazing outfits! Loved what Edith was wearing as she dashed back to London. And wanted everything from head to toe of Mary's when she went to visit Matthews grave!

So sad only one more to go.

I'm pulling for Edith's happy ending. Too bad it looks like Tom will end up alone ...

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Oh, I was afraid we were near the can tell by the way they are wrapping things up for the characters. I thought maybe Tom and the editor would get together. I just think they all fall in love so quickly and then they are married! It will be interesting to see how it is all wrapped up so we are not left hanging!

Kim said...

First, I can't believe how much happened in one episode. Wow, what a night. I want Mary's graveside outfit - beautiful. I loved the scene with Mary and Grannie Dowager. Barrow would make a fabulous gay Manny for Mary and the racer.
Carson had so many great pissed off facial expressions last night. He cracks me up.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Lots of great moments tonite...funny and full of snark. Sad moments, too. Poor Barrow, but love how Master George adores him. Carson getting taken down a few pegs by his new wifey is hilarious. Go, Mrs. C!

I work so I can travel said...

So glad that Edith got a back bone and finally call Mary a "B". Not sure how she stayed composed during breakfast. I would have reached across the table and b!$ch slapped her. She would have needed to sleep with one eye open!


Regarding the time line....Tom stated that he had WRITTEN to Granny....don't think that works. SPRATT is Cassandra??? What a hoot!
Anyone notice how much wight Tom has gained since the first season? Success has gone to his whole body! He & Mrs. Patmore are my favs...but it IS hard to just have two favs! Love MRS. CARSON!!!!and Mr. Carson, and, and, and.....

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Ok, this episode had lots of good stuff in it -- LOVE that Tom blasted Mary, LOVE that Granny FINALLY hugged someone! LOVe to see Ms. Hughes overriding Carson. LOVE that Spratt is the advice columnist! Gotta wonder what Fellowes has in store for Edith. Edge of my seat with some bittersweet thrown in.
xo Heidi

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I will fall over in surprise if Edith doesn't end up getting her man. Mr Carson annoys me. I don't need Tom to find a love before the end because he's already happy and I know it will happen in fiction never-never-land. I'm liking the clothes more and more now that things are getting more modern. Can't wait till tomorrow night!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I will fall over in surprise if Edith doesn't end up getting her man. Mr Carson annoys me. I don't need Tom to find a love before the end because he's already happy and I know it will happen in fiction never-never-land. I'm liking the clothes more and more now that things are getting more modern. Can't wait till tomorrow night!

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