Thursday, February 18, 2016

Downton Worthy: Man about (London) town!

Every once in awhile, DL gets to take a European jaunt.
He calls it work...

In 2010, he was on his way back from Germany with a night in London before the flight home. Then, it happened.

A volcanic eruption in Iceland, stranding all air passengers.

DL called me on the phone, whining.
"I'm stuck in London," whine. "I can't come home..." whine. "What am I going to do?" whiny little girl voice.

"Oh, jeeze," I replied. "Let's see. Your in one of the most fabulous cities in the world, you have a hotel room that's being paid for by someone else, and you don't have to work. Gosh. I don't know. You might want to HAVE FUN!!!"

(Maybe if he'd followed my advice here, it would have been easier.)

For someone who only gets to see the inside of room 316, I wasn't having any of the whiny baby bull$hit. I compiled a list of things for him to do while he was in London, and the next time he called, I was prepared. I also had my entire 3rd period class yell into the phone "HAVE FUN!!" which was probably embarrassing.

Yes, it's inconvenient to have your travel plans thwarted. And washing your underwear in the sink because you packed for six days and not thirteen is a hassle. (Yep--an extra week in Europe, courtesy of Oracle Packaging!) But there were people sleeping in airport lounges and people who missed life events and you are whining about not being in North Carolina because you are in London. Sheesh.

I think we all need an adventure like this once in awhile, just to keep us on our toes. What do you think?


Anna of the Mutton Years said...

I've had a few unexpected stop overs in London when it's snowed and I've been stranded due to no trains. Irony was I travelled there every day almost. Museums are free. Late theatre tickets maybe. Covent garden is open at night. Lots of good restaurants but I see he's found the pubs.

Art and Sand said...

My husband was sent to London to work indefinitely when I was pregnant with my daughter. He had a company car, a lovely room over a pub, all meals paid for, etc. Every Friday he would walk into the head office and tell them he was out of money and they would give him cash.

For 8 weeks, I was home getting sick daily and he was driving all over the UK. He made the most of it!

Art and Sand said...

One more thing.

Have you seen The Lady in the Van? Maggie Smith was wonderful in it!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I think I could use an inconvenience like that! :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

The only way this could have gotten any better is if you had been with him! :)
It is such a joy to have you join the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You really help to elevate it to something very special.

Bliss said...

When's the next volcanic ice eruption, I'll meet you there.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I want to go, too. With you and Bliss.

chateau chic said...

Oh my, who wouldn't love to be stranded in London!!
Mary Alice

frances said...

my airline folded when I was in California. i ended up with an extra day in LA AND 2 days in NYC when handed lemons i believe in making a pitcher of lemon aid haha

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Yes. You are right. I only wish you had been there with him. Sorry about that.

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