Thursday, February 4, 2016

Downton Worthy: girl chairs

This is what happens when you have to take your pics when it's cloudy/

I was on Pinterest the other day (Pinterest = the debbil) and I noticed a lot of 'going minimalist' and 'Konmari' pins, mainly because it's the first of the year, I guess, and I thought 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?' because going minimalist seems counterintuitive.

(I have read the Kon Mari book, but I'll talk about that in the summer, after everyone else has gotten rid of all their stuff and I have fished said stuff out of their recycle bins/goodwill boxes/consignment shops/garbage cans.)

Anyway, I did see one pin where someone (I went to the site, but forgot to pin from it and then I had to hunt it down. It was Anita at Cedar Hill and her living room makeover) took her big bulky furniture out of her living room and replaced it with small, neutral furniture. I couldn't believe how much bigger and more open the room felt.

When I saw these two slipcovered chairs at Elizabeth's, I knew I wanted to do the same thing in my living room. I had a bug, bulky, non-cottage-style chair and a big, overstuffed, cottagey-but-not-perfect chair to pair with it, but they weren't doing the job they were being paid to do, which was sit there and look cute (which was basically how I spent the 1980s).

So now I have two cute, English cottagey-style chairs on either side of the fireplace, with an AMAZING oak side table in between. (More about that table coming soon.) The big modern chair went into the sunroom (where we don't care what anything looks like, as we will be ripping that sucker out as soon as I retire) and the cuter-but-still-bulky chair will go into my office/studio, which we haven't begun fixing yet.

I like to think that if Mrs. Hughes came over to complain about Carson, she would feel right at home here!

I'm sharing!


Jeannie Marie said...

Oh yes! I love those chairs!!! Mrs Carson would feel right at home!

Michele said...

I love those cute, cute chairs. Plus, they look appropriately comfortable to settle in for a long afternoon of reading or evening of conversation!

Andrea said...

Hahahahahaha!Love the thought of picking the purgers gems!!! Maybe it is all a racket!

Rose L said...

I love the floral upholstery! I want that on my old divan set!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

So where did these chairs come from? Do you have a chair stash? I'm glad your house is now DA friendly the chairs look great there by the fireplace. I kind of crave that for my house. But it is not to be.

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Perfection in your cottage, Kirbs! Picturing afternoon tea... xo Heidi

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