Thursday, February 11, 2016

Downton Worthy: filming locations!

I know that there are bloggers out there who are constantly being contacted by all kinds of people who want to work with them or who want them to be part of a hop or a series or whatever.

I'm not one of them.

But Florence at (You know Wayfair, don't you? They've got what you need! Like the little copper lantern I got from them...but more about that later) found me and asked me if I wanted to use this map of all the places we have seen in the Downton series.

Peeps, I jumped all over that.

I'd include photos of all the lovely places I would visit on my Downton tour--like the Dowager's house (my favorite) and the place that Lord Sinderby rented--Brancaster--but I don't want to get into trouble for using photos that aren't mine. When I go, I'll take lots of photos of my own to share!!

Someday, when I am retired, I will go to England and I will visit all. the. places. Downton, Midsomer Murders, Sherlock...all. the. places. Because I will be retired and I will have all. the. time!

So thank you, Florence (who is from Edinburgh, just like my grandmother, whose name was also Florence, and I think this is more than just a coincidence, is it not?), for the map of the Downton filming locations. And thank you Wayfair, for my little copper lantern, which you will learn about later, if you tune back in.

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Sweet Posy Dreams said...

We've been watching Midsomer on Netflix for a while (there must be a gazillion episodes) and I've checked out via the internet some of the filming locations. England always looks so fabulous in the TV shows, but it didn't all look like that last time I was there. Lol.

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