Sunday, January 31, 2016

Downton Abbey and the Carsons (In which wedded bliss may not be all it should)

Oh. Em. Gee...y'all. The Carsons' cottage. I can hardly stand all its cuteness!

Unfortunately, the bloom is off the rose (or the rose-covered arbor, whichever) because Carson is criticizing Elsie's cooking.
I imagine he's been spoiled by Mrs. Patmore's delicious meals, but he better get with the program, or Elsie will cut him off at the knees. Or maybe that's me. Anyway, no one wants to hear their husband complain about dinner. You don't like it? Pick something up at the Harris Teeter on your way home, Jerkboy. Mrs. Hughes asks Mrs. Patmore for help cooking, because Mr. Carson wants a home-cooked meal. I told you that he would start treating her like a servant. Now to buy lottery tickets.

Tom and Mary will be dealing with racing cars and pigs. Mary is worried that Mr. Mason won't be able to physically perform the tasks of a pigman, but Andy (who has always wanted to farm) will be able to help him, when Carson allows.  Mr Mason tells Mrs. Patmore that it does him good to see a friendly woman bustling about the kitchen. I predicted last year that Mr. Mason and Mrs. Patmore would fall in love. I think we may be headed that direction, peeps. And now excuse me while I go buy MORE lottery tickets.

(I will admit that I was a little unsure as to whether I would like the new components of the Pigman's place, but I see that Mr. Mason has copper pots, and in the grand scheme of things, that's all one really needs.
And maybe ironstone.)

Daisy looks uncomfortably horrified by the Mrs. Patmore/Mr. Mason stuff. Suck it up, Buttercup. Old people need love, too. Now go have sex with Andy.

Tom uses all this time with Mary to try to get her to understand that she needs to quit being such a bee-otch and just KISS CAR MAN ALREADY! He tells her that the world is changing and so what if your husband is poor? You have enough for both of you, so get over yourself. Sheesh.

Edith's new boyfriend, Bertie from the shooting day (whom she insists is just a friend, but who do you think you're kidding, Edith? You are an old maid of twenty-something with an illegitimate child and a cranky sister and you know you need that escape hatch) tells her about his friend and employer, Lord Hexam, who spends most of his time in North Africa, painting the young men of Tangiers. He's more artsy than sporty, and Bertie wants to know if he can fix him up with Thomas  Bertie likes him...but not LIKES him, likes him. Anyway, there isn't a mean bone in his body.

I just love, love, love Edith's apartment, don't you?

Denker isn't crazy about the fact that the doctor has decided to take sides with Cora in the whole Obamacare  Health Care debate. So she gets a little snotty with him IN THE OPEN STREET!! Is she not old enough to know you don't do that stuff ON THE STREET?? What the heck is she thinking? So of course Denker is fired. But then! Remember when Denker covered for Spratt while he hid his nephew, who was on the lam? Well, we knew Denker would use that to blackmail him at some Denker is still employed. For now.

In other servant-related news...Thomas, in a kind-hearted moment, offers to teach Andy to read. This means Andy and Thomas are behind closed doors frequently, as Andy doesn't want anyone else to know he is illiterate. You can imagine how this looks to they should be calling Lord Hexam for a threesome. Thomas also says he must be getting soft in his old age...hmmmmm...

So...Neville Chamberlain is going to visit Downton! He is currently the Minister of Health, but he will soon become Prime Minister. When the dowager asks him if he doesn't enjoy a good fight, he says' "I'm not sure I do, really."
Just wait 'til the Germans show up, Neville.

In the end, the dinner party is broken up by Robert foaming at the mouth  bleeding from a burst ulcer. This obviously leads Mary to believe that Marigold is Edith's daughter, which is a logical conclusion to which to jump. (That sounds awkward but is nevertheless grammatically correct.)

Is anyone else tempted to run around their yard, yelling "Bad Harvest!" or is it just me? I think I'll try it out, just for fun.

Until next time, peeps!


karen@somewhatquirky said...

I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but it all sounds VERY exciting! It is weird to think that they are just sitting precariously between WWI and WWII. Rather sad when you think about it. Surely they are not going to leave Robert in poor health for very long. You're a dear Ms Kirby. Have you thought about doing this for Mercy Street? I'm getting into that...

Kathleen George said...

Hahaha ha Bad Harvest! Man alive your synapse is right on and being critical of your new wife's cooking! Yesh! So Mary is finally realizing about Marigold. I wasn't expecting so much blood in the dinner scene, wow! I believe Chamberlain was bit weak with Hitler. I want love for Mrs. Potts!!!, I mean Mrs. Patmore.
Kathleen in Az

Kim said...

This was an action packed Downton! I spent a lot of the hour yelling at the tv. To Carson - shut up and eat it. To Edith every time something good happened to her. Grrrr, I really don't like her. I cheered when Denka got ripped by the Dowager, then whined when she blackmailed herself back in. The dinner scene.........was NOT expecting that. Carson will not be happy of those maid don't get the blood stains off the linens

Bliss said...

You typed Bliss!

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Robert's violent episode startled the tar out of me.

Jeannie Marie said...

It was a great episode to watch but Mary needed just a teensy bit more information to jump to that conclusion. Perhaps she had been speculating in her mind if that was the relationship, prior to hearing that. Don't you just love the name Marigold?

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

It was just a little too convenient that Mary overheard a comment about Marigold as her father is being wheeled into the ambulance... and would CLUE IN! Otherwise, it was a great episode... as always, masterfully recapped. :)
xo Heidi

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