Sunday, January 10, 2016

Downton Abbey Episode 2 (the one in which the pigman giveth...and his wife taketh away)

Is it my imagination, or do a lot of DA episodes start with someone riding a bike?

Mrs. Patmore is considering buying horseradish in a jar. I will be honest and admit I didn't know it came any other way. Carson and Hughes are trying to iron out the details of the wedding reception. Carson thinks the servants' hall is fine, but Mrs. Hughes isn't having any of it. She doesn't want to feel like a servant on her wedding day...apparently, she'll be waiting until after the honeymoon, when Carson will expect her to fetch his slippers, among other things *wink, wink*

Lady Mary is taking over the livestock, and she will talk to the Pigman. That Pigman. He probably wonders what the heck he's gotten himself into, what with all the drama at the Abbey--illegitimate children and so forth. Lord tells him, "I know this is a $hitstorm, but these women are all nuts and what the heck can we do?"

Evil Thomas is slightly pitiful, looking for a new job. He is mopey and then is discriminated against for being gay when he interviews for another butling job. The only person who feels sorry for him is Baxter. Carson is particularly prickly.

Of course, healthcare is controversial, as always (whether it's 1925 or 2016.) Do we let our local hospital be gobbled up by the conglomerate, or do we try and keep it local? The more things change, it seems, the more they stay the same. (PS-the hospital where my brother and I were born is no longer a hospital. It's a hair salon now because it didn't want to be gobbled up by one of the larger hospitals. Or is it a tire store?)
I think this is the new obligatory boring storyline for the season, now that Bates and Anna are off the hook. There always has to be one draggy story that you MUST have because it is the law, you know. And it gives Lord Merton-of-the-weenies an opportunity to suck up to Mrs. Crawley and it gives the doc an opportunity to be at odds with Mrs. Crawley, heightening the sexual tension.
Or not.

Both Ladies Mary and Edith refuse to be thwarted by men who still believe that a woman's place is in the parlor, which is a nice contrast to Mr. Carson, who believes Mrs. Hughes belongs somewhere else entirely.  Meanwhile, Anna and Bates are crying in the shoe closet, while Bates informs her that being married means you get to ugly cry all you want and not be judged. (But try gaining forty pounds and see how THAT works out for you, Anna!) And does anyone else notice that there is AL LOT of DRAMA and HEARTACHE and CONFESSION that goes on in that room? As if the boots have some sort of magical power and forces folks to unload their burdens and share their deepest thoughts. Like therapy, only free. And with boots.Bates mentions adoption and Anna says he's too "tribal" at which point I half expected him to break into an indigenous dance around a bonfire. So Mary tells Anna that she'll take her to see a doctor in London and Anna's like, "But I can't afford that shit," and Mary's like, "but this is the UK and all that shit is covered because we don't have rules about who can see the doctor and who can't." Oh, wait. That's not for another 20 years. Instead, Mary replies, "but I owe you big for helping me drag the dead guy out of my bed when I had sex with him and killed him with my deadly lady plumbing, which seems to be a pattern with me. Is Lord Gillingham dead yet?" And they giggle like 14 year-olds.

Leave it to our Lady Mary to have the perfect pig-showing outfit.

Apparently, everyone in town turns out for the pig show. I'm thinking how horribly boring one's life must be in order to attend a pig show. (Then I remember my second period  class and think what a joyous life it must be to attend pig shows and clean boots and make horseradish as opposed to being cussed at by fourteen year-olds.)

During the excitement of the pig show, Marigold goes missing. In hindsight, Edith is probably thinking "I brought this upon myself, but who knew the Pigman's wife would go cuckoo for cocoa puffs?" though I am fairly certain no one was aware of cocoa puffs at this point in time. Instead, they manage to track down the two of them and they agree that it's probably best if the Pigman's family start over in a galaxy far, far away. 

Of course I am thinking, "Does that mean I will never see this wonderful hutch or the glorious transfer ware/crocks/ironstone again??"

And then I weep silently into my wineglass, friends.

Stay tuned for a Downton-related post later this week!

(**Also, I'd love to reply to everyone who comments--it's the teacher in me--but a lot of you are no reply blogger commenters. This makes me sad. So I will be replying to folks as I can through the comment thread, but this takes a lot longer because of that pesky day job, darnit. But thank you from the bottom of my little cantankerous heart!**)


Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Is it just me, or did tonight's episode seem to end abruptly? Kind of caught me off guard. And I'm thinking we may see that gorgeous hutch again because Daisy and Mr. Mason will surely be taking over!

And agree on the obligatory boring hospital story line. I'm just hoping Anna's little at home operation doesn't go awry and then she needs a hospital but since they don't have a proper one all ... oh, Julian, please don't go there!!!


Kathleen George said...

Ha! I thought about you when I saw the hutch! Actually I think it is a good idea if Daisy and Mr. Mason moves in, so yes, the hutch:)
Wondering when Anna will tell Mr. Bates about the at home Doctor visit.
And! More importantly, when will Mary know about Marigold!!!
Mrs. Hughs is a bit feisty! Good!
As always, funny and spot on!
Kathleen in Az

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

I thought it really ended abruptly tonight, too. And I thought Mr. Mason and Daisy could surely become pig farmers to end Daisy being so down in the dumps. Unlike Mrs. Hughes who really got her pout on about the wedding. I was surely happy to see that! Poor Carson... he seems like tightrope walking isn't his thing.
And Anna has a kick in her step after her visit to the city. Bates seemed happy about that!
Was it the 2016 American in me that thought for sure the Pig wife would have a gun and shoot someone when they tried to take Marigold?
And now we wait for Episode 3.......

Kim said...

Daisy and Mr. Mason will be moving in soon. I thought they might draw out the missing Marigold a little longer but...At least long enough for Mary to figure it out.
Anyone else think Mrs. Hughes is going to be a Bridezilla? She sure told old Carson to mind his business about the wedding - It's hers!

Kirby Carespodi said...

Chris K--in my time zone, this episode ended nearly 10 minutes early! Not sure if they needed more time for Sherlock or not. And the wedding will be lovely, I am sure.

Diane Higdon said...

As usual you are spot on! I just love this show and can't get enough. You make it possible to relive it over again with your post. Love it!

Kirby Carespodi said...

Thanks, Diane! Stop by again!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I am not liking Mary even more this year than last. Break a smile! Give a hug! But I guess they didn't give hugs very freely back then. I am half expecting Mrs. Hughes to call the wedding off if she doesn't get her way. She said the wedding day is hers and the rest of the marriage is his!!

Donnamae said...

I had to catch episode 2, a day late...oh the agony! I found myself talking back to the characters a lot this time. Telling Lady Mary to back's not her wedding for example! I loved Mrs.Hughes hat notch! The hour went by so fast...and seemed to end all of a sudden I thought...they better not make a habit of that! ;)

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I love seeing Cora's backbone and even a little craftiness! Mr. Mason will be taking over the Pigman's crib before we know it. And how nutty was his wife -- she's gone off the deep end. Feel bad for all her other kids.
xo Heidi

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I always feel a little guilty because I like Mary. She's part smart, part conniving. The trouble is, she doesn't need to do the conniving things, like taking the children to see the pigs. They have nothing to do with her success. I find myself just ignoring those stupid things.
I was worried. About not ever seeing the pigman's house again. I want the whole thing. Not just the hutch. But I'm sure that is where Daisy's FIL will end up. But what if he's not a good pigman? Will they be doomed to a life with no trophies? Then what will later generations like ours have to collect? On a serious note, I've had a few friends who required cervical cerclage, and they are miraculous. I had no idea that they started doing them so long ago. I fell sure now that the show will not end without a family for Mr. & Mrs. Bates. Whew! said...

Agree on all counts. So over Anna and Bates. Enough already.
Edith- keep the apartment and move on!
Lady Elizabeth McGovern: an eyelift would do wonders for her mood...

laura {not a trophy wife}

Constantine said...

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