Friday, August 21, 2015

Dining Room Tour!

As a teacher, from August until June I am focused on keeping it between the ditches.  I am up at 5 am, I do paperwork (pay bills, check blogs, monkey with photos, look on Facebook to see what the Kardashians  my friends are up to, and so forth.)(I also won't lie...sometimes this is when I do the dishes if I was too tired to do them the night before.)  Then it's sit-ups, shower, get dressed, throw a load of laundry in the washer, pack a lunch and get out the door before 7:00.

When I come back home at 5 pm...I am exhausted.  There is supper to make, clothes to throw in the dryer, papers to grade, drinks to pour...and overwhelming exhaustion.

House projects take a back burner during the school year because my weekends are for cleaning and small projects and maintaining the booth space and making my list.  My list of summer projects.

I just LOVE a cafe curtain!  Does this make me seventy-eight years old?
This year, my summer project list consisted of painting the hallway, renovating the master bedroom, taking everything out of the loft room and turning it into my office, and finishing the laundry room.

Here's what I accomplished: painting the hallway and dining room while watching (listening to) Midsomer Murders.


My sister made this as a wedding present for me. She was only 15.

She is a really awesome sister.

I had wanted to paint the dining room for awhile, as the paint had either yellowed (old house) or it was originally kind of a wonky off-white. As I was already painting the hallway, it made sense because the dining room is really just an alcove off the hall. It didn't take terribly long, as it has only three walls and one of those has a huge mural.  

This is where I keep my DPS
The color I chose was Sherwin Williams 'Snowbound.' I liked it because it had just a tiny hint of gray.  Normally I am a warm white person (and the trim in the house is all a warmer white) but I really wanted to showcase the mural, and I liked the way it popped against the paint I chose.

My sister did this one, too!
Last year I got rid of my dining room table and chairs and bought a set from the 1980s...a French Provincial style with cane back chairs.  It's much larger (because I occasionally have 10 folks or so over for dinner) and more stylish.

This is how I made the chairs look

I took all the artwork off the walls, and replaced the paintings with the counted cross stitch pieces my sister made--one for my wedding and one she made for my mom.  I like the way they don't weigh down the space as the artwork did...the heavy wood pieces lend more than enough weight to the space.

New chandy from Joss and Main

Last year we replaced the black Early American chandelier with a more interesting chandelier.  The large scale better fits both the larger table and the vaulted ceiling.

Of course there's the obligatory DPS like the biscuit barrel from Grandma Flossie's house and a lamp in the style of Moorcroft.

What do you have on your to-do list for next summer?


Rose L said...

I want to steal the biscuit jar!! Adorable!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I love your dining room. I'm glad you deterred from your summer plans to paint it. I first interpreted your list as the one you got completed! I was so jealous! I thought "ooooh go Kirby!" But as someone who started painting my living room this summer and hasn't finished... I'm really happy you got the dining room finished. I love that green lamp.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I can relate to your daily schedule and I know it doesn't leave much time for creativity during the week. I figure if I accomplish half of what's on my to do list, it's a success! Your dining room looks lovely and I like the elements you've chosen to accent the room! I need to start doing sit-ups before work, too. :o)

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Love your new dining chairs and the pretty! I had no real plans for this's my time to do nothing! I will start painting the linen closet area aqua this Fall!

Art and Sand said...

I'm still trying to finish up this summer's To Do List.

When I was teaching, I had a huge list I made in the last month of school. It had house projects, people I wanted to catch up with, books I wanted to read ... I tried to do a few things on the list every single day. But, I never finished it.

Bliss said...

Looking mighty fine there even the DPS.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

The cross stitch pieces are great. Family things are always special. Love the beams in the room. And if cafe curtains make you old, I'm right there with you. I have them in my kitchen and three of the bedrooms. I like having the privacy and still all the sunlight.

Gail Wilson said...

I rarely make to-do lists, and never so far in advance. I would only be disappointed.
I remember all those years teaching, promising myself that I would get stuff done over the summer. Sometimes I got to it and sometimes I didn't. I totally understand how difficult it is for you to get anything big accomplished with your schedule the way it is.

sit-ups? good for you!!!
I hope this is a great year for you and the 34! (whew! makes me tired even thinking about it)


Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Your dining room is beautiful and honestly hope cafe curtains don't make you 78 because I'm half that age and I love them too. Looking forward to summer to get some big jobs done one painting my dining room lol

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