Wednesday, July 22, 2015

This was Shakespeare's house.

(Okay, technically it's not Shakespeare's house.  Maybe if Shakespeare had lived in North Carolina in the 20th century, but he didn't.  And if Shakespeare had a really bad sunroom attached to his house, ala Wendy's, circa 1982.)

I walked by this house a few times a week in the summer and I always looked for someone who lived there.  Because I figured if I ingratiated myself to the owners, they might give me first crack at this puppy if they decided to sell.  Of course, DL looks at it and screams "MONEY PIT!  ALL THOSE WINDOWS NEED TO BE REPLACED!"  (And now I need to explain about my husband and windows.  He thinks replacing windows is more important than the TRULY important things, like choosing the right countertops and finding the perfect shade of green for the bedroom and making sure you have the right spot for the Hitchcock chest.  Does he not understand that with wonderful curtains, no one cares what the windows look like?)

One of the interesting things about this house is the lot.  At one point, the owners decided that the bulk of the front yard would be hardscaped with stone pavers and pea gravel.  They have made an attempt at an English Manor look, but have only made it half-way.

(My guess is they thought they were achieving this.)

Bless their hearts.

Anyway, I could have had a blast with this house, regardless of how DL feels about the windows. 

But I would have had to get rid of the Wendy's sunroom.

So last year, when this house came on the market, I went to see what it was like on the inside.

Oh lawd, peeps.

The craziness of the disco era apparently left its mark on whomever owned this. (Luckily, they had taken their bad furniture out before I toured it...but they left the floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which was scary enough.)  The house was in dire need of some "Kirbifying." Unfortunately, DL would not purchase it for me as an early Christmas gift.  (Scrooge!) Instead, it went to someone who decided to completely ignore the coolness that it was, and make it look like a new house in a new neighborhood.  (Albeit not a bad house...just not Shakespeare's.)

I also kind of miss the attempt at a knot garden...these folks are having trouble with their boxwood, which is a touchy shrub. (You can see they are dying in the photo above.)

I miss the whole Tudor/half-timbered look of the house, darnit. Which look do you prefer?

5 comments: said...

I love the colors in the new version and it is beautiful. But, I would have kept the half-timber version. Makes me miss my Tennessee home that had the Shakespeare look, but on a smaller scale.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I kinda like the new look....only because they used aqua!!

Art @ Home said...

Ummm....what's with the little hobbit door to the left?

karen@somewhatquirky said...

My neighborhood is filled with brown and white tudors that may or may not look better with a little attention. I kind of like the new version of this house. The biggest problems with tudors is the inside being all chopped up into tiny rooms.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

I'm not polite. Yuck. I love the old house; the new version, no. Reminds me of a house next to where I used to live in Chicago. It was a perfectly fine old brick house. The owners covered it with black siding, hung vertically. It was hideous. While the stucco or whatever on this house isn't hideous, it's still ugly and generic. Bleah.

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