Saturday, July 25, 2015

DPS in the updated dining room

The dining room, in its several incarnations, has always been a receptacle for DPS.  (The gold curtains and off-white walls? Gone now.)

This summer, one of my most urgent projects was to get the dining room painted.  It was an attempt to brighten what tends to be the most cave-like room in the house. (Old house? Small windows and not many of them.)

We changed out the Windsor chairs and plank table last year for some French Provincial cane-back chairs, which I painted gray and reupholstered with off-white linen blend. (You can see the transformation here!)

We kept the two storage pieces, because they are part of the Bob Timberlake/Linwood legacy. This is where the bulk of the DPS resides.  This DPS is a collection of teacups from Grandma Hazel and teeny tiny DPS that belonged to Grandma Flossie, my mom, and the butter pats I was encouraged to buy as a child.  (This now strikes me as either (a) really odd, or (b) pure genius.  My mother, in order to get me to be cooperative when we went to antique shops or shows, would give me fifty cents or a dollar and challenge me to find something to purchase.  The purchase was invariably a teeny tiny thing, previously owned by a DP.)

I will have a full reveal of the dining room in August, so stay tuned!!


Art and Sand said...

That cabinet is wonderful and of course all of your treasures are lovely.

I hated the sideboard in the dining room when I was growing up. And I hated the china cabinets too. I was in charge of dusting every teacup and saucer, every plate, every little tchotchke my mother owned. Of course now I wish I had more of them.

Suzan Sweatman said...

Oh I wish I could start on my dining room right this minute - ours is also the most cave live room in the house ( with the original dark panelling in there to boot ! ) I think it'll be the next reno process
Yours looks beautiful from what I can see Kirby !!!
LOVE that hutch and your chairs look gorgeous !

Andrea said...

Your collection looks so grand having the perfect place to be displayed!

Bliss said...

Love it. You make DPS look great.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

How could the dining room not be fantastic with that sideboard? The finish is gorgeous. DPS rocks.

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