Thursday, July 2, 2015

Decorating with DPS (first in a series)

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I joke around about the way my house is decorated.  I say things like "little old lady house" or "set design for an episode of Murder, She Wrote" or whatever (and then people are offended, which they shouldn't be, as I am making fun of MYSELF, and not them). But whatever the case may be, my house is a series of collected items, most of them having sentimental meaning. These things (though hopelessly out of style) are not to be tossed into the box for Goodwill.  But they can be a bear to incorporate into the house.

I mean...what do you do with the DPS?*

My friend Janet (who is also a partner in the booth, and has a fabulous food blog--check it out!) recently gave me this huge ironstone platter. I have been collecting ironstone for about 30 years.  I keep the majority of it in a Sheraton-style plantation desk in the foyer of Brandywine. The platter was too large to display on a shelf, so I made a little stand for it to sit on top.  (This platter is HUGE, as shown in the small photo below where I have a pack of [candy] cigarettes on it.)

I have found that there are two schools of thought when it comes to DPS.  Some experts say to keep it all in one place, and some say to spread it around.  In the case of my ironstone, I keep it MOSTLY in this desk.  I have a few plates on the wall in the kitchen, but the rest is in the foyer.  I also have mixed the ironstone in with some other white pottery, like this frog band vase:

Every once in awhile I find something like this, which I need like I need a hole in the head, but it's just too cute to pass up.

Anyway, this is what a concentrated collection of DPS* looks like.  Next time, I'll show you how I've incorporated larger pieces!

Now here's a plug for a contest Janet has entered: she is trying to feed some hungry folks by winning money for the Food Bank of NW NC.  These are the good folks who feed a lot of my students and their families.  Please go and vote for her so that my kids don't go hungry!!

*DPS - Dead People's Stuff


Lauren TheEndearingHome said...

What a wonderful collection and love how you have it displayed in that gorgeous desk!

Cheryl Thornton said...

OK - I kept on reading wondering exactly what DPS was...too funny that I found the explanation at the end!! Dead people stuff...that's exactly what my BFF and I call the treasures that we find really grosses out her 13 year old daughter!!! I've never thought to shortform it like that!!

Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

ok you needed that frog and violin. end of story.

Janice said...

Roflmao...I can't wait to share this with my auction buddy. She uses initials for everything. Now I have 1 I can use on her.

Junkchiccottage said...

Ha Ha Kirby on the DPS!!!!! I did not know what that meant either now I know lol! Too funny.
I voted for your friend so I hope that helps her win. Have a happy 4th.

Marie Blackburn said...

Ha ha ha, I was wondering what the hell is DPS - hilarious! Well your DPS looks fabulous collected in one spot and your Ironstone platter looks perfect on the top of the cabinet. I'm a certified Home Stager and in my courses we were taught to showcase people's collections...ahem...DPS in groupings rather than spread it all over the place. It's far more interesting to the eye and a conversation piece to see it all in one place (provided it's displayed like yours with some "white space" around them).

karen@somewhatquirky said...

DPS is a good thing. Without it I would have no decorations at all. I like it collected by "topic" or color - like you have it. Love that desk.

Bliss said...

I worry when I go that my kids won't want my DPS, maybe I should will it to you.

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