Wednesday, June 10, 2015

May read and June book!

This month, we read a book by a fellow blogger: Home is Where My People Are, by Sophie Hudson. (Sophie writes BooMama and is quite hilarious.)

Anyway, I LOVED the voice in this book.  She writes in a lively conversational style which is something that comes naturally to a few folks out there, but not to most, so it's a gift. If I could allot a whole bunch of time to writing, I could write more conversationally, but as it is I get approximately 7.4 minutes for each blog post, not including the pictures which take FOREVER but you have to have them.  Pictures are a necessary evil.  Pictures are how people JUDGE you even though you are clearly a WRITER and not a picture-taker. 
Anyhow, she's funny.

And I liked good chunks of her book, but some of the more religious overtones were a stumbling block, but that's okay because it's not Sophie's fault that I got turned off by religion because someone who shall remain nameless wouldn't let me go to Catholic religious instruction with my friends, but maybe that's because I wasn't Catholic.  

So there's some religiously-affiliated stuff in there.

Now, for some of the other titles I read this month...

Save the Date and Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews

Yes, they're predictable and yes, they're easy-to-read, but they are just for fun and I love them!  That is all. Plus, she has what could be the cutest cottage in all the land.

Because how could I not? I mean, it's almost like they wanted me to read it by giving it that title! So...what happened while they were watching? Turns out, quite a bit! It was definitely another chick book, with lots of related chick stuff. And wine drinking. 

Next month, we're all choosing a self-help or other book of that ilk.  Lawd knows I can use all the help I can get!  I'll read a couple and get back to you!!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i am ore than half way through and agree- her writing is very funny but i have a hard time with the religious elements- it's too much for me- and i think there are too many "y'alls" for emphasis at the end of a sentence. but i do love her voice very much! and i am deciding on my book, too! :) maybe it will be tina fey's book which i think counts as self help.

Art and Sand said...

I'm adding the books to my already long list.

Art @ Home said...

I need to find out more about this book club. I want to join! What's the next book going to be?

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Read three good books lately - The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - a book I think you would really like - lots to think about; Half Broke Horses and that other book that you use in your class - Glass Houses? Glass Castles? - whatever...but you should read Half Broke Horses - which is about the grandmother of the main character of the Glass book. I enjoyed Half Broke more than the Glass book... The Henrietta Lacks book might be considered self-help in that it is science, and has a lot of ethical issues to consider...

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