Thursday, April 16, 2015

The First in a Series of Spring Mantels (because I have a LOT of flowers around this place)

Many bloggers change their mantels with each season.  Some change monthly.  Some enthusiastic (or bored) souls change the mantel every week.

For most of the year, I tend to be the first type of for fall, one for Christmas, one for the time of year when we are depressed, but before you know it, it's SPRING (aka the era of a thousand mantels)!

Over the weekend, I harvested a bunch of our tree hydrangea blossoms (we have masses of hydrangeas here, and we're lucky to have blooms from April-August).  Right now they are this very cool chartreuse color, which is the accent color in our living room.  I added some of my Autumn Fern for height.

I like symmetry on a mantel.  That doesn't mean matchy-matchy, it just means that there's a balance to the design.  It's like that statue of Blind Justice:

This is from Anyan Law. 

You have to imagine that your mantel is like her scale; you don't want it too heavy on either side.

Two things on my mantel never get changed: my great-grandfather's clock and my sepia photograph of Niagara Falls that hangs above the fireplace.  Never forget where you come from, Peeps.

For this mantel, I put brass on both sides of the clock...candlesticks on one side and my little doorstop guy on the other.  All of these things came from the house where I grew up. At either end, there are clear glass hurricane lamps.  My mom bought these because she believes they will come in handy if we have a hurricane.  We are at least four hours from the ocean, so that seems unlikely. But moms worry about that stuff.

I have two little fake pots of rosemary (the real rosemary that I have is poised to envelop the entire neighborhood...who knew rosemary could get so big?) on either side of the clock, et voila!

This will change again this weekend, when these hydrangeas get droopy and the ferns curl up.  Next week?  Maybe some hay-scented ferns and teacups. Or some of that rosemary, before it strangles us all!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love this version with all the greens!!! gorgeous!

Art and Sand said...

Your mantel is lovely and I have hydrangea envy. Mine hardly gave me any flowers last year, but I remain optimistic.

I just changed my mantel and I think of my design as asymmetrical symmetry.

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel said...

Love the greens! So fresh and pretty for spring.

Andrea said...

(sigh) hydrangea envy

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

It's fresh and it!

Bliss said...

Whose that dude doing leg lunges?

PamLuvsPink said...

Hi Kirby!!

I love Hydrangeas!! I have some and every year can't wait for them to start turning into their color!!

Your mantel looks great and I love your great-grandfather's clock!! I love the idea of family heirlooms!!

Have a terrific weekend!!


karen@somewhatquirky said...

Kirby. Symmetry that doesn't match but has balance is asymmetry. I love hydrangeas when they are that color. It's a shame they don't last as long. I can usually freshen them by cutting the ends but the branch stems don't do that as well. I wish my rosemary wasn't annual here. Every year it stays good all winter and then dies in March. Pisses me off!

Feral Turtle said...

That is just beautiful Kirby! You are so lucky to have such gorgeous blooms. I saw some quack grass coming up and a few other weeds but definitely not a single bloom. Have a great weekend.

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Pretty! I love those chartreuse colored hydrangeas! And I'm sure the rosemary smells heavenly. So at least you'll smell nice as your strangled ...

:) Linda

Donnamae said...

I'm going to live vicariously through your mantle changes...I don't have one! Love that clock...beautiful! Never forget where you come from....perfect! ;)

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Hmm, my first attempt to comment seems not to have worked.

Love your hydrangeas. We still looking at daffodils here and waiting for tulips to open.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Very pretty!!

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