Sunday, February 1, 2015

You tell me that you're leaving...Downton Abbey

We start with classic Dowager--claiming that the nudists setting up a colony in Essex picked the wrong spot because it's "terribly damp."

Lord Clueless continues to dig himself a deeper hole by telling his sister he is going on a trip and she will have to "make do with Cora." Saint Cora sighs and gives him this look.  Cora is going to run away with swarthy Bob Cratchit if the Lord is not careful.  And don't was her money that saved his dump. 

Again, I worship at the altar of great cabinetry, as I look at the floor-to-ceiling silver cabinets in Carson's office.  It would be so nice to have storage!  Maybe I should add on a Head Butler's office.  And the wall cabinet in the doctor's office--oh lawd! And the Pigman's shelf.  Well, you know how I feel about THAT! Downton, why dost thou tempt me so cruelly? 

More classic Dowager is apparent in her conversation with Dr. Clarkson.  She is not happy that Mrs. Crawley may become a "peer" in the Peerage way.  Is she really afraid that Isobel will be living a "hollow existence in a large and drafty house?" No.  She is afraid that she will lose her wingman and she will be left to her own devices when she goes to bars to pick up rugby players  runs off with Russian Princes  goes walking through the churchyard.

They say that breaking up is hard to do...

...but that's exactly what Tom Branson does, telling Miss Bunting that he doesn't want to become the next Rodney King.

Isobel gets her digs in this week as well. First, she tells the Dowager that she's "as infirm as Windsor Castle," then makes a snide remark about letting the Prince know that the Princess might be on her way to London.  I know she suspects that there may have been a little sumpin' sumpin' between Violet and her Prince, and I love the banter that these two have.

People keep remarking about how horrible Thomas Barrow joke, folks.  He's looked awful for weeks. The makeup folks are earning their living, for sure.

Charles Blake invites both Mary and Mabel Lane Fox to dinner because apparently he thinks it has some great entertainment value.

Rose meets a cute guy who is Jewish.  It seems to bother him (and the Russians) more than it does her. Yay, Rose!

On the pretext of having found the long-lost Guttenberg Bible (just kidding!), Violet and her daughter corner Edith.  They tell her that she needs to send Marigold to France to be raised by Joan of Arc and Marie Antoinette.  This shocks Edith into action.  (*Some of my very loyal readers say I have been too hard on Edith.  Without a doubt, I have.  Remember the Edith of yesteryear--the budding feminist?  Our Edith is never more attractive when she is making a few waves, and lately she has let her boat go with the tide.  Did you see that she was wearing not gray, not taupe, but a real color when she made that final phone call?  The purple dress MEANT SOMETHING, people...and I can't wait to find out what that something is!  I have a feeling that our Edith is BACK!)

More humor: Slick art dude sneaks into Cora's room. She is uncomfortable (No kidding.  "When was the last time someone cherished you?" is your pickup line? Sheesh.) and asks him to leave.  AT THAT VERY MOMENT, Lord Grantham walks in, perhaps saving Cora from assault.  When confronted by art dude, all my dreams come true: I get to watch two middle-aged guys roll around on the floor, then see them stop when Edith kindly raps on the door and asks if everything is okay, whereupon Cora says they were playing a game and broke a lamp. (Now Edith can never get that particular image out of her mind, thanks Mom. ) Art Dude exits, stage right, and Lord Grantham sleeps in his dressing room.  He remains frosty throughout and everyone notices.  Sure, Lord Grantham can have a little whatnot with Jane the maid, but Cora can't try to chase away a frisky art dealer without him having some kind of hissy fit?

But enough about them...
I simply CANNOT WAIT to see what Lady Edith does next!


Kathleen George said...

Well a few less desirable characters left and good riddance. Love the tussle with Lord and Art Dude. So I'm guessing Cora is in trouble by Lord hypocrite. I'm thinking Lady Edith is going to kidnap Marigold. And jolly good for her.Kathleen in Az

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I, too, cannot wait to see what purple-clad Edith has up her sleeve (though, I think that dress may have been sleeveless ...)

I was also happy to see some affection between Bates & Anna. They seemed a bit distant and not like a loving, married couple this season. Oh, and talking about couples. My daughter loves, loves the Mosley and Baxter pairing storyline!

:) Linda

Kim said...

When Cora said "your father and I were just playing a game and broke a lamp..." I almost fell off the sofa laughing. Yes, I have always pictured Lord Grantham as a frisky one...NOT!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Glad it picked up this week. I was getting tired of the table banter. I thought Edith would take her and run. Cora needs a little sumptin sumptin she bores me.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I will be so mad if Edith kidnaps Marigold! She is so pathetic and should have kept the kid in the first place! I want to warn the pig wife!!

Gwen said...

Ok, official love for you and your blog. LOVE the recraps on DA! too funny!

Little Miss Maggie said...

Thanks so much for the update. The cable was out and I missed the last episode. @#%$ cable. Now I feel all caught up. Thanks.

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I just watched this last night -- waaay behind on my DVR! BUT I totally agree with you about Edith! Let's see what she's up to!
xo Heidi

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