Sunday, February 15, 2015

What language was that?

He's a don't have rights.

...and that pretty much sums it up.  Lord Gillingham tells Blake that he has to marry Mary, even though it's not what she wants. Blake's like WTF, bruh?  But Blake has a plan to kiss Mary in front of Tony and Mabel so that Tony knows it's over, and then Blake runs off to Poland.  Where he undoubtedly will be eating pierogies and hiding from Germans.

Rosamund and Violet look like 14 year-olds who've been caught smoking in the 3rd floor bathroom when they tell Cora the truth about Edith and Marigold.  BUSTED!!  Saint Cora does the good mom thing and says they'll find Edith and ask her what SHE wants to do, for once.

There's talk at the dinner table of being Jewish.  Everyone seems to be concerned about "mixed" marriages and converting and whatnot.  I want to yell "GET OUT OF EUROPE, nice Jewish folks!" but then I remember they are England and can evacuate themselves to the countryside like in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

There's a LOT of talk of marriage at the dinner table.  Rose and Atticus are cute, Mable Lane Fox and Gillingham are honest, and Mrs. Crawley is announcing her marriage to Lord Merton.  Everyone is excited, but the Dowager is bummed.  Who will she cut to the bone with her tongue, now?  I am afraid it's all downhill from here, folks. It stinks, getting old.

Daisy is giving up on her studies.  She doesn't see the point.  (And, while we're at it: why do I have two Master's degrees when I will never make fifty thousand a year?  What's the point? But I digress.)

Bates and Anna's cottage?  SALIVATING OVER HERE!!!  Oh, lawd it's PERFECTION!!!


Mary and Mrs. Hughes discuss the train ticket that could have saved Bates from hanging.  Mary burned it, more's the pity. Baxter overhears, and goes to apologize to Bates and Anna, who don't want to hear it.  I feel awful about this, because I like all three of them and I think they could be friends. I don't want them to be hateful towards each other. 

On another note: Do they have that poor dog DRUGGED?

OH SHITE!!! Who's your daddy?  Remember when I said in my imagination Edith would go to America and pretend to be a widow?  SNAP!  The writers had her say this!  I want to say they read my blog and liked my idea and now are going to invite me to come watch them film because I am giving them ideas, but then I remembered that this was filmed before I wrote it. Dangit.  Go, Edith!  Work it, girl!  You show them how you are a 20th century woman and you are RUNNING a COMPANY!  (Yes, I am jealous. I have a company, but it consists of making furniture out of factory carts and owning 2 condos.) Anyway, Cora and Rosamund find Edith being all CEO and convince her to come back to Downton.  They arrange to meet the Pigman at the train station in order to set their plan into action.  The only problem is that Mary and Anna are on the platform, waiting for a train to London.  Edith, all CEO-like, is quick to devise a plan, but Anna sees something unusual--Edith had been travelling with Marigold.  When she mentions it to Mrs. Hughes, she is told that the child has a home and is loved, and that's all that really matters.  I agree.

Oh. Em. Gee. These doors in Mason's farmhouse.  Please.

Is there such a thing as door envy?

The episode has its last hurrah at the dining table only instead of Miss Bunting, this time it's Larry...Lord Merton's a-holy son.  Tom calls him a "bastard," and the Dowager is impressed that the chauffer can speak another language.

And so the evening comes to an end, with Rose and Atticus' engagement and Mrs. Crawley's defeat at the hands of rotten kids.  Isis is receiving hospice, with Lord and Lady Grantham on either side of her, holding hands.  'Til next time, then.


Kathleen George said...

Again Kirby, a great recap! Well, you got me thinking of cupboards and ironstone. Now a beautiful wood door. The astute Lord Grantham commenting something about "Marigold". Oh, and the Dowager saying "Men don't have rights". That made me laugh! Kathleen in Az

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

You know....I'm going to ask Sam one more time to set up the Blue Ray player because your reviews make me want to watch this more than the commercials do!!

zooperson said...

A spot on recap. What I don't get is why everyone is gaga about that bitchy Lady Mary. Condescending ? She invented it or at least perfected it. Couldn't 't even be bother for a nod to old dying Isis, the witch. Actually, if she weren't dressed so beautifully, she 'd be pretty run of the mill. Sybil was the beauty. Can you imagine waking up with her for the rest of your life and listening to that bored sarcasm

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

I'm disappointed. You didn't comment on the settee and rug in Anna and Bates' home. Lemme see if I can find a picture.

Suzan Sweatman said...

Does anyone else cringe when Cora speaks? She hopes someone will do this for her when her time comes LMAO ???
I don't think Julian likes Elizabeth McGovern - he gives her the worst lines in the entire cast ( imho )
AND I'm really mad at him too by the way - the next season is the last? Why? Why? Why? If Coronation street can still be on the air ( I don't watch it but still............) why couldn't DA last 10 years? Love your recaps Kirby !!!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Okay, I cried at the end of this episode. I'm a sucker for the sick and dying dogs. Oh, and lots of others things happened ....

I just hope Isobel doesn't get crushed by the a-holey sons. She seems too strong for that!

:) Linda

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Yes. Door envy is a real condition. Surely they are not going to let Isobel wallow around in self pity and will let her conquer. I hate it when we have to wait around while characters wallow. Get on with it, I say. I don't really understand where Mary's hatefulness towards Edith stems from. She manages to be decent to everyone else when she doesn't like them...

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