Sunday, February 8, 2015

Darn that pesky Hitler

The news is....well, not really news. Gregson was killed by Herr Hitler's men, then went to work with Angela Lansbury in Blithe Spirit. Lord G is still being grumpy (he's been grumpy a LOT this season), but Saint Cora reads him the riot act and he might come to his senses. Carson is whining that he wants to go with Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore to see the cottage.  I can just picture them all moving in, ala Chrissie, Janet and Jack Tripper.

Bates goes to his cottage to find something for Anna, and winds up coming across Lady Mary's birth control. This reminds me of when my mom found Midol in my room (which I had bought and paid for with my babysitting money, thankyouverymuch).  She RAISED HER VOICE and asked WHAT ARE THESE PILLS DOING HERE and I honestly don't know what on earth she thought they were, fercryin outloud, because I was about fourteen, but when I told her they were Midol her voice got tiny and she said something like "oh. don't waste your money. you can just take an aspirin."  Anyway, I DO NOT LIKE TO SEE BATES AND ANNA ARGUE!  But later, Bates points out that he couldn't have killed Green because his train ticket wasn't ripped!  And just like that, our problem is (sort of) solved.

Would anyone else like to see a Mrs. Crawley/Dowager/Denker show?  Now that Downton Abbey is nearing its last season, is that totally out of the question?  Set it in the 1940s and make them work for the government of the commonwealth as spies. No one would suspect "women of a certain age" to be doing anything worthwhile, would they?  (And let's be honest...we "women of a certain age" are not expected to do much in 2015, either.  Which is why my goal is to be a whistle blower or something like that. I'll infiltrate and stuff.)

Here's what cracks my husband up: when I watch television or a movie, I look at the set design.  I am looking at the Prince's "crummy" room and mumbling stuff like, "I think Cassie would love that bed," or "I want that cupboard..." Do you do stuff like that? And in the Prince's crummy room is where it goes down: once upon a time, the Prince wanted to run away with Dame Maggie Smith. 

It was when she still was a redhead and his hair wasn't so greasy.

They would have been a cute couple, yes?

And then she shows up at his room (where we love the bed and the cupboard) and he asks her to run away again, but now (as she says), there's no one to run away from.  I think the writers do a good job here in letting us know that having to find a "suitable" mate doesn't always make a happy union.  It makes me glad I married someone wholly "unsuitable."  (J/K, DL!!! I don't mind that you were a coal miner! As long as you can reach the top shelf for me, it's all good!)

Thomas asks Baxter to come into the bathroom with him and while my brain is screaming "I WANT THAT SINK!!" he is showing her his poor backside which is all chewed up and horrible-looking.  Baxter, who is second only to Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Crawley (they're tied) as the voice of reason, takes him to the doctor. The doctor tells him that he just needs to accept himself for who he is, and not try to change.  That is good advice for EVERYONE to heed, not just Thomas.  I like the doctor, I think.  I think Mrs. Crawley needs to pick him. 

At the horse activity, Mable Lane Fox, Charles Blake, and Tony Gillingham show up to see Mary's new hairdo.  There is verbal banter between Mary and Mable, almost as though they are a younger version of the Dowager and Mrs. Crawley.  I have a feeling that they could become great friends, if all of the "you slept with my boyfriend" stuff is kept hush-hush. I know there are folks out there who are going to be a little miffed that Edith takes Marigold back, because the Pigman's wife really loved her and took good care of her.  But Edith needs that baby.  Did you notice that she's wearing more colorful stuff?  And her hats are awesome?  Because when she gets Marigold and gets out of Dodge, she will be her old self again.  I think it would have been better to let the Pigman's wife in on it from the get-go, but hindsight is 20/20.  Plus, the Pigman's wife has a really nice hutch and some great ironstone and transferware, so that should be some consolation.

It's sort of like the Velveteen Rabbit:“Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.'"
Only it's that when you have somebody to love, you feel beautiful. And you can't help but look beautiful, too. (Have you ever seen an ugly bride?  Didn't think so.)
And when Edith gets to London, her smile says it all.  She's beautiful once more.


Kathleen George said...

I waited again to read your post. Dang, write a book! Your humor is so hilarious! Ok, so Lady Edith told Mrs. Drew that she was Marigolds mother. How heart wrenching! I am done with Anna and Bates having a tough go all the time! I love looking at the furnishings too. Great recap! Kathleen in Az

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I, too, was eyeing that brass bed. I thought perhaps because I have brass beds on the mind. And have come to realize how expensive they are ... so how out of place it is in a refuge's room! Shouldn't it just be a mattress on the floor? :) Oh, and when Daisy was studying in the downstairs dining room all I could focus on was the amazing hutch artfully styled with that beautiful white upstairs dinnerware! And I'm so happy Edith finally took her child back! And smiled! Now if we can get Lord Grantham to smile too ...

Karen Aber Ploransky said...

Believe it or not, just last week I read ALL of your Downton recaps and I woke my husband up laughing. You really do need to write a book --killing me. And yes-I do look at the decor and clothes more than the actors sometimes!
Karen @ The Decorated Nest

Art and Sand said...

I started reading your post, but had to stop because I can't watch until tonight.

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

I accidentally got swept up with the Grammy awards last night.
In high school, set direction was actually my career path of choice. I met all the qualifications, however I was told that the only schools in the country that offered it were USC and UCLA. I didn't want to be that far away from my father so I let the dream drop. Pity.

Little Miss Maggie said...

Edith so deserves to be happy. She always seems the object of ridicule. I hope she gets a happy ending and Lady Mary gets off of her high horse.

Little Miss Maggie said...

Edith so deserves to be happy. She always seems the object of ridicule. I hope she gets a happy ending and Lady Mary gets off of her high horse.

Debra@Common Ground said...

I'm thinking Julian Fellowes must have read your commentary on Isis and decided to pull the plug. Poor sweetie, that was all I needed for a good nose running cry. Die next to those who love you...sniff sniff.

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