Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another Downton wedding!

Everyone is abuzz with the preparations for Rose's wedding to Atticus Aldridge.  The cake is lovely, the outfits are lovely, London is lovely...

Atticus' dad?  Not so much.  (Though he does resemble the late, great Yul Brynner.) 


And I must sweet and bubbly as Rose is...are we sure she wasn't adopted?  Her mother is...well, not sweet and bubbly.

Not only is Rose's mom mean...she is also deceitful.  And as nasty as she is, Atticus' mom is kind and gracious, as is Shrimpie.  I'm thinking a little trade is in order, but this is not the Swingin' Sixties.

(Anyone else think that this settee would look great at the end of my bed?  EXACTLY!!)

Anna's appalled to be in a least the hat is perfection.

And Rose sees evidence of Atticus' "infidelity" (fake, of course, because how can he not love Rose?) while wearing this beauty...

I am in LOVE with the hats in this episode.

Daisy gets a wild hair that she will leave Downton and work and study in London.  Mrs. Patmore is dejected.  Mrs. Patmore cries a lot in this episode, which is sad.  Fortunately, she is happy crying at the end. (And Daisy isn't going to London after all, at least until after exams.)

Molesley is....WTF? It's like.....who is this guy?  Do I like him?  Is he completely different from the sad sack of last season?  I am not entirely sure how to take the new and improved Molesley. It's as if my whole paradigm has shifted. And Thomas the evil butler?  What??? He's TAKING CARE of people instead of setting them up to be DOOMED??? And Lord Grantham is turning into an old softy.  What's next?  Mary and Tom the Chauffer get married? Is this Downton Abbey, the Twilight Zone episode?? That is all.

Tony Gillingham and Mabel Lane Fox show up at the blessing of Rose and Atticus, and Mary tries to make amends with Tony.  We get a glimpse of what her life will be like as a spinster, unless she changes her disdainful ways. least she has a fabulous hat.

We end the episode with Anna being hauled off in handcuffs, and the unveiling of the memorial.  As an English teacher, I feel the WWI poetry is the best of all the poetry I teach.

Best line of the night?  Mrs. Crawley: Do you really think I should put up a fight for Dickie?  Not gonna touch that one, folks.

Has the season left you satisfied?  Do you know there is a "Christmas Special" in England?  Because I have connections (they of the Starbucks giftcard), I can watch it.  I think I will, just because enquiring minds want to know.

And I leave all my faithful readers with little Carson...

who has found a new home at Marty's Musings.  Isn't he the sweetest?


Kim said...

It was a good episode. I agree "fighting for Dickie" just cracked me up! Old "Donk" is going soft and it seems his Mrs has taken control of the relationship again. Yay for a spine. I am rooting for Tom and Mary to hook up. Seems inevitable.

Kathleen George said...

Love Yul Brynner! Really getting old about the Bates, Anna in cuffs. When will they have peace? What's this? No Christmas episode? My sister has this season on DVD. She told me I'll love the Christmas episode too. Love the puppy Carson picture! Kathleen in Az

pcb said...

Agree with the Yul comparison; it was my first thought.
I am so over the torture of Anna and Bates. Time for them to have some happiness.
Best part for me was Lord Grantham figuring out Marigold is his granddaughter...and embracing it.
Most confusing story arc is Thomas being nice. Maybe since he's not trying to be someone he's not, he's happier.

Suzan Sweatman said...

Rose has the same frown lines as her Mother LOL !!!
Fighting for " Dickie " had John and I roaring - best line of the night :)
I'm loving the hats too Kirby !
I thought it was the best show of the season actually

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Little Carson is too cute! And I agree about the Twilight Zone episode. Though, the one with the fabulous hats!

:) Linda

Dharma said...

Mary saying she wouldn't be responsible for murdering Edith cracked me up. Love Atticus, he is so dreamy and YAY for getting his shirt off *growl*. The hats are always amazing but the milliner went whole hog in this episode. I actually love the Thomas turnabout, cannot wait to see where he lands. The Bates? I fast forward through them, they bore me to tears.

Now about sending me that puppy, Carson.

Little Miss Maggie said...

Missed another episode so I'm glad for your update. This wasn't the season finale, was it? I just got a new Tivo so I could start recording again.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I've found this season rather bland. (Go ahead and insert Lady Mary's voice.)
I despise the fact that poor Anna has endured all this horror and it's come to no good end!
Lots of bad eggs this season. Thank goodness for your hilarious updates.

Jagger Noas said...

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