Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lady Mary shacks up!

*Spoiler Alert: this is for episode two of Downton, which aired on 1/11.If you haven't seen it yet, don't read this unless you want to know what happened!*

So who cleans up after Lady Edith sets her room on fire?  Anna and Mrs. Hughes, who find a photograph of little Marigold under Edith's pillow.  Does she really believe people won't figure this out? (Hello? You spend a year in Switzerland and then the minute you get back, the Pig Man adopts a baby?  File this under "I Believe Everyone in My Family is an Idiot."  Mary reassures her that SHE is the idiot. Not to mention the fact that the Pig Man's wife is not too crazy about the whole arrangement, as evidenced by the fact that she keeps giving Edith the side-eye.)

Jimmy, who was caught in flagrante with a visiting cougar, has been dismissed.  He uses this as a reason to let Thomas know that he never thought he could be friends with...well, you know...but he is glad that they were friends and that he hopes Thomas can find some happiness.  And now that it's 2015, he can!  Even in NC! Yay!  (I have purchased a fabulous dress in anticipation of these fabulous weddings.  A pre-emptive strike, so to speak.)

We have LOTS of interesting things going on with Russians, radios, and artwork.  Lady Violet is happy that Mrs. Crawley is once again discussing medicine with the Doc and Lady Mary is discussing family planning (or rather, planning NOT to have a family) with Anna.  Lady Mary has done her research and read Marie Stopes' book.  (Dr. Stopes actually wrote several books on feminism and reproductive medicine.) When Anna goes to purchase whatever this mystery product is, the shop clerk gives her some lip.  Instead of b*tch-$lapping her, though, Anna is her sweet self. On further inspection, she does get ticked off, and says she's going back to get 13 more.  I'm guessing this is an inserted device, based on the conversation. Ladies, we should never take our reproductive choices for granted.

Molesley gets real pitiful when he talks to Miss Baxter about her thieving past.  I almost feel sorry for him. I also believe there is more to this, but I'm not sure what. I'm hoping that it's something really cool, like she was a spy for the Allied forces or a hitman for the mob. She be all gangsta and whatnot.

The Dowager and Isobel take a girl's trip to see Lord Merton.  He is proud to say his maman redid all the rooms in the 80's, but I see no evidence of mauve or wedgewood blue. 

(photo courtesy of House Beautiful. Believe it or not, this was the dream living room of every 23 year-old girl who bought a house in 1984.)

Charles Blake shows up at Downton with a guy who wants to see a painting.  Blake is a little pi$$y with Lady Mary, telling her she should have let him know she wasn't interested.  She doesn't tell him she'll be "traveling through the countryside with a friend," which is a euphemism for "sleeping with the guy who isn't you."

Rose feels compelled to once again invite Miss Bunting to dinner, seeing as she's right there handy, tutoring Daisy. She declines, having heard that some Luxemberg woman was both shot AND thrown in the canal, and Bunting is not in the mood for a swim.

The guy that Blake brought to look at the painting is tan, and they keep pointing it out, just as they kept pointing out Molesley's hair. I am not sure this is very polite, but I guess if you have money, you can comment on folks' appearance.  I'm glad I'm not at Downton with my big ol' self, or they'd probably ask me how I got so fat.  (And I'd answer, "The Christmas Diet, where the four basic food groups are carbs, sugar, turkey and wine. See how well it worked!")  He is also the guy who was Bob Cratchit in the Sir Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol, which throws me for a loop. Except as Cratchit, they made his teeth gross.  I always wonder how they do that and if it freaks the actor out when he looks in the mirror and his teeth aren't pretty. But I digress.  On a related note, Lord G gets a little uppity, noting to Saint Cora that the Cratchit guy needs to "stop flirting with his dog."  As a metaphor, this is not the way to woo your wife, sir.

Lord Grantham acquiesces to having the wireless at Downton for the purpose of listening to the King talk.  (No, not Elvis, the other one.) To Mrs. Patmore's dismay, she cannot talk back. It's a fad. It won't last.

Mary misses all the radio excitement, as she is shacking up at the Motel 6.  Lord Gillingham gets connecting rooms, and his plan is to make love all night.  Apparently he has borrowed Viagra from that old dude with the wonky arm who left Lady Fugly  Edith at the altar.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of stress regarding the WWI Memorial.  Lest you've forgotten, there was some controversy when Carson was put in charge of the committee.  Lord Grantham doesn't want to give up his cricket pitch, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.  It has even created a problem between Carson and Mrs. Hughes, which makes Carson feel bad.  Again, you two: get a room. But the matter is settled by a widow in the village, and Mrs. Hughes and Carson are in love agreement again. Just as they are about to get it on, the cops show up to ask a few questions about Mr. Green.  Hide your kids, but especially hide your wife, right Mr. Bates?

Stay tuned for our next episode/recap!!


Kathleen George said...

Lol the whole time and by the way I'm watching it here in Phoenix as I comment. You are wickedly funny! I found your blog this time a year ago. Happy that you are back writing about DA. So spot on! Love your observations on life and more importantly as a Teacher, bless you. Kathleen in Az

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Okay...if there is going to be a pig man, I may have to start watching this!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Okay, that "flirting with his dog" was too funny! And what about that woman telling Anna to practice abstinence! I thought the English were supposed to be so very polite. But they are all being so very rude!

It was an odd episode. One of those that didn't really feel like much happened ...

Love your recaps, my friend!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Back to being intrigued. Could Mrs. Hughes have something to do with Green?

Kim said...

Stop flirting with the dog was funny. Mosesly is just so pathetic I can hardly stand it. I want to grab the back of his pants, pull them up high and hard and tell him to "Grow a Pair"!!!!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

How about poor Thomas wanting to be liked? I thought that was profound! Did I miss something? They showed in a preview, before the first episode, Lord Grantham standing at the table yelling to never come to his dinner table again. Is that yet to come? What do you know about that Kirby? I'm thinking it's the school teacher he's yelling at!

LostRoses said...

Oh, Kirby, you slay me! There were so many odd little side happenings in this episode that were totally random and you picked them all out. He's so brown, and, flirting with the dog - wth? You are genius at re-capping!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I'm having trouble catching interest this year. I can't remember which of the guys I wanted Mary to hook up with last year. I'm thinking it was NOT Lord Get it On All Night. I can't quite figure out what he is up to.I get impatient with the continual effort to ruin my Mr Bates and Anna. I agree the Edith story assumes we are dumb and inattentive. Oh well, I hope Mary is having a wonderful lusty time on her trip!

Little Miss Maggie said...

I agree with Karen, leave Mr. Bates alone. Hasn't the poor man suffered enough? I think Edith will be found out in a hurry and so will Lady Mary. I also wonder what's going to become of that piece of art. That man with the tan is awfully suspicious, don't you think?

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

The man w/ the art fetish is a bit weird, isn't he? I don't trust him. Is he trying to tempt Cora??She seems to be a bit less comatose this year and that is refreshing. I wonder about Mrs. Hughes and the Mr. Green story. I wonder how long it will be before Marigold is at the children's table (somewhere that we never see.) It was fun to see Anna win a Golden Globe on Sunday! YAY!

Shannon Fox said...

I've got this one DVR'ed and I'm awaiting a man free house to watch and indulge in complete silence :) I skipped the post.. but came by to say Hello. I got sidetracked by the post before this one though.. and had to circle back :)

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