Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No Walkabout because it's #31days

*This is the rest of chapter one, which is really short.*
If you missed the first part of chapter one, it's here!

     Susie stared at the boxes piled in the center of the living room.  She glanced around at the bare walls as her eyes began welling with tears.  This was her house; the house where she came as a young wife and where she and her husband  had raised their three children.  The modest suburban colonial had seemed a huge extravagance when they had first started out, but as Dave’s small company became more successful; they expanded and updated the home accordingly.  Now it was time to leave, and a new family with small children was moving in.  They had their own plans for the home.

            Dave entered the room, carrying two plastic tubs.  “This is the last of the stuff from upstairs,” he said.  “Where do you want it?”

            Susie wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her sweater, sniffing before she answered.  “Oh, honey,” Dave said.  He put the tubs down and embraced her, his chin resting on top of her head.  “It’s okay.  You have known the Cartwrights for ten years.  They’re going to take really good care of this house.  If they don’t, I’ll come back here and smack them.”

            Susie smiled to herself.  Dave had worked hard his whole life, and he deserved to retire.  His idea of retirement was not golfing or gardening, though; he wanted to begin a new adventure in a bed-and-breakfast five hundred miles away.  Their children were grown and had lives of their own and Susie knew that it was time to move on.  Still, it was hard letting go.

            “Think about how much fun it will be,” Dave continued.  “You’ve done such a great job with this house.  Blueberry Lane needs us.  The contractor will be there on Monday, ready to take directions from you.  You’ve got carte blanche with the place.  And it has room for all the kids and their families to visit  at once--”  The rumble of a truck signaled the movers.  Susie wiped her eyes with her sleeve once more and walked to the door to let them in.                                                                                               


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

aaaaw, poor susie! but new adventure with a b&b sounds awesome!

andi filante said...

OMG, I'm already in love with Dave. He said the 2 most romantic, sexy words on the planet: carte blanche.



Art and Sand said...

I am trying to catch up after about 2 weeks of not reading or writing. So I opened up to the middle of your story. But, from what I read, I want to go back and I can't wait to read more.

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel said...

Oh poor Susie, I know what it's like to leave a familiar life behind to start a new one. It can be sad, but exciting at the same time.

Feral Turtle said...

I am excited to see their new place! It will be so much better when Susie adds her magic.......I hope!

Andrea said...

Uh oh...I like these two so much and am worried something is going to happen to Dave!

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