Friday, October 24, 2014

It’s time to face facts

JB Fletcher

I might be turning into Jessica Fletcher.

(This is where I wanted to put a video that I love, but the YouTube was being ornery.  Sometimes it is.  If you want to watch it, it is here.  If not, I will recap.  Jessica says that there’s no age limit on reinventing yourself.  That you can become a writer at any age.  It makes me love her even more.)

So I have been joking about my Murder, She Wrote house for a long time.  You can read about it here.  And you know what?  I’ve tried.  I’ve really, really tried.
I love y’alls Pottery Barn-esque homes.  I love your uncluttered coffee tables and unadorned walls and clean lines and your fifty shades of gray.  I love your moody blues.

But it’s just not me.

Murder she wrote

Murder, She Wrote and I go waaaay back. It came on television at a time when I needed a friend—I was a newlywed in a new town where I knew absolutely no one.  My family and friends were 714 miles away, and Jessica was like an aunt who visited me every week while I ironed.  My mother watched it on Sunday night too, and we would talk about it every Monday evening.

jessica fletcher living room

But now, Jessica stands for something else.  I might as well face it. Jessica was a retired English teacher who wrote mysteries. I am an English teacher who will soon retire who wants to write mysteries. (The only difference is that I don’t want to be surrounded by dead people…even though I enjoy getting some of their stuff.)

See that collage above? (I got it from a blog called Mrs. Fletcher’s Closet.) I have that typewriter.  I have that wall clock.  I have jeans.  And comfy knitted cardigans. I have some brass pots and pans in my kitchen.  And all those paintings hanging in her living room?  There are parts of my house where the walls are filled with paintings and photographs.


Honestly…this could easily be Jessica’s guest room in Cabot Cove instead of mine, right? (You know Cabot Cove, don’t you?  It’s the place where one out of three residents is either murdered or accused of murder.  It’s a wonder anyone wants to live there!)

So, what’s wrong with this, I want to know?  Who says I shouldn’t have tchotchkes and pattern and color and the dead people’s stuff? 

Was that you?

If it was, then I think it’s time you stopped the negativity and embrace the tchotchkes.  I think you need to realize that you too will someday be the keeper of the dead people’s stuff. 

You might find yourself turning into Jessica Fletcher.


After all, she knows a lot of dead people.

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Rita C. said...

You go, Kirby, and start writing those mystery novels! I have a SIL who was an English major and penned her first novel AFTER retirement. She is now making appearances, celebrating her 3rd book, and is writing her 4th. She is one of the most fascinating people I have had the pleasure of calling not only family, but friend. Older, wiser, more talented with age.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i can't wait for your book to be written! and i loved murder, she wrote. i used to watch it with my dad. :) we watched that, newhart, the andy griffith show.... that should say a lot about me. :) and to each their own with style- your home has to be full of what makes kirby tick... what you love! my home is full of moody blues, and dirt and dog fur. and it's all mine. :)

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I think your guest room is lovely! And I can't wait for you to write your book! I'll be first in line at the book signing!

:) Linda

Shannon Fox said...

Stunning similarities ;) You know, I think we have got to decorate for yourself, as if no one else would ever see it. Otherwise, you'll turn around and your home won't even reflect you! I remember watching MSW very often. I know right? If you think about it. Who would want to live there!!? Here's to comfy sweaters :)))

Karen said...

What a fun post. I loved Murder she Wrote, in fact I watch reruns when I can. At my "mature" age I believe you have to feather your nest the way you like it. Interestingly, my daughter in law, who is much younger than me [obviously] likes tchotchkes, or stuff, as she calls it. It's the sign of a rich life to display the collections you have gathered along the way.
P.S. Thanks for stopping by me place, it's so nice to meet you.

Art and Sand said...

I have to admit that I have never seen an episode of Murder She Wrote. We spent many years without a television and still wouldn't have one if our children had not moved back to town and bought their father a television so they could watch it when they visit.

But, I do know about Jessica Fletcher and Cabot Cove. And, I can't wait to read your mystery.

And, I have to say that as a color girl, I feel out of place in the world of blogging and Instagram. I see white, gray, beige, ecru, tan, ivory, but very few have primary colors like me. But then, I have always been a little bit off.

I absolutely LOVE the quilt in that bedroom.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

So, you can tell me where to find that big comfy sweater?

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I'm so proud of you. Embracing your true self. sparseness is overrated.

andi filante said...

I LOVED that show. You could do a lot worse than being like Jessica Fletcher. :)


Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel said...

Who says is right Kirby. I'm a colour girl and I don't care who knows it. lol. I just can't do what most of blogland apparently thinks we all should. You do what you love instead of being trendy, and I think that's awesome. You're guest room is so lovely and welcoming. Love the colour and that quilt.

Michele said...

Kirby, we are clearly sisters under the skin. More is more? Check! Lots of color? You bet! Short brown hair turning gray instead of blond, but that's the only obvious difference. We should embrace our inner Jessicas and enjoy!

Feral Turtle said...

I love your guest room! It looks like you pulled pics from one of my favorite magazines, Country Living, and put them on your blog, so you definitely have the designer eye! I loved Jessica as a heroine! Looking forward to your book Kirby!

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Jessica Fletcher was the bomb but I always said I wouldn't invite her to anything simply because I didn't want anyone kicking the bucket before she got there.
Write your novel and then go on a swanky book signing tour and you can visit each one of us as you land near us. I call Wisconsin.

Dharma said...

Cou;d be could have been morphing into Cher. I like your "more is more" esthetic. It's you....and I kinda dig you.

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