Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Club Choice for July

(Thanks, Carmel, for the cool button!)

Backstory (there’s always a story, isn’t there?): I don’t like to read anything having to do with *whispering* s-e-x.
I’m not a fifty-shader AT ALL.  Maybe if I was 30 and dealing with a crying baby and whiny toddler and poop and messy foods, but not now, when life keeps me so busy with old-lady stuff that I don’t have the time or desire to escape into THAT particular world.

So this month’s book, The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls, was probably not the best choice I could have made.

There was s-e-x in it.

And it was uncomfortable, because it was definitely NOT the happily-ever-after kind.

I chose this book for the locale—not too far from us here in the NC mountains.  It is still there, only instead of a camp, it is now rental houses and seasonal homes for those folks who can afford two places to live.  My bunco group (of 24 years!) has often rented a house there on a beautiful fall weekend.  The book was touted as a coming-of-age story about a teenage girl who leaves her Florida home for Yonahlossee during the Depression.  A tragic family event is alluded to, and our protagonist, Thea, has been blamed and sent away to camp.

I loved the premise of this book, but it didn’t live up to its hype. There were a lot of choices the author made that I didn’t really understand, primarily in regard to the character of the mother.  Thea’s mom was a mystery to me—why she didn’t see what was happening, why she chose not to socialize (and why she kept her children at home all the time, not encouraging them to get out and mix with other teens), and what part of her past (which is explored briefly) makes her choose not to face the tragedy head-on, but to circumvent the issue by sending Thea to Yonahlossee. (I guess if you don’t acknowledge it, you can pretend it didn’t happen?)

This is the second book where I haven’t liked the mom.  I guess we’re supposed to like the young women, but I WANT to like the middle-aged women!  I want my people represented a little differently!  We are not all bad…c’mon, authors!  Write a story where the middle-aged moms are cool!

Now that I am off my soapbox, please join us (if you like) for our next book, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. (Flynn is also the author of Gone Girl, so if you liked that one, you might want to try this one!)

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i don't read a lot of sex books either and i am in my 30's! i haven't read 50 shades and don't have interest in it. :)
but i definitely can handle appropriate sex better than this.
can't wait to finish dark places- i am a third of the way through and it's good!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I live for the day when I can curl up and read. I hope it's soon. :)

Feral Turtle said...

Looking forward to your review of Dark Places.

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I'm totally not a s-e-x book reader either... too bad this one fell short! I'm going to jump in for Dark Places; could use a little mystery in my world! ;-)
xo Heidi

Miss Kitty said...

Thanks for your review of this book. Honestly, I haven't read a book in a while so it is nice to see a condensed version of popular books out there from you three ladies. I went to see the other blogger's reviews too. This is a good idea...even if I don't get to read "Dark Places" along with you, I will enjoy hearing what you thought about it.

The Bold Abode said...

reading? what's that? haha.

Art and Sand said...

I was in the process of reading the post about your house and neighborhood, but didn't get to finish it. Now I can't find it. The reason I am asking is because now I think I might be crazy.

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