Friday, August 1, 2014

Bliss is back...and talking burgers!

Lets talk hamburgers.  Huffington Post had an article about the country's best burger, so I had to read it.

The Habit Burger
I always have this need to know what I'm missing, a faulty gene of the food category that I have transmitted to my youngest son who asks when we can find a local place so he can try a Kobe beef burger.

Not happening till I win the lottery, then he and I will go.  But we will only eat one in Japan so we can be sure we are eating real Kobe beef.  If you need to understand why, you can read this article from Forbes that will explain the whole thing to you and why if you want Kobe beef it's best to go to Japan to get it.

I really don't want to go to Japan though, I don't like to fly.

Real burger from Japan (via source)
I also transmitted this "need to know" faulty gene to my middle son, only not in the way of food.  If there is a sign that says don't go beyond this point, he's going.  He needs to see why.

Since I'm having a bout with true confessions, I also have to admit that when I moved from the comfort of my warm Southern California home to the frigid state of Minnesota, that I had no idea why you were not suppose to lick a lamp post in winter.

Yes I tried it.

Movie The Christmas Story
Telling me no don't do something only works if you tell me why I shouldn't do it. 

My parents use to give me the pork bone to suck on when I was just a babe sitting in my high chair.  I asked my mom why she did that and she simply said, "so you would shut up while we ate".  Thanks mom.

Licking light poles and sucking chop bones has nothing to do with the country's best burgers, but I've eaten a few on the list and now I'm licking my chops, just not the pork kind.

If you don't eat meat, that is glorious for you, I've got nothing against folks who don't partake in digesting animals, just like I don't care if you do or do not drink alcohol.  I also don't care if you put the paper over or under on the roll next to your toilet - all controversial topics.

Me however, I love meat.  I like beef.  I like pork.  I like fowl.  I like fish.  I am an animal lover, they taste delicious, but I also snuggle dogs and cats and eat my weight in lettuce every year.

So anyway, what is the best burger in the country according to the Huffington Post, who says it's according to Consumer reports?  The Habit Burger from the Habit Burger Grill.

It's a California chain that started in 1969.  It figures since I no longer live in California and have never heard of it, that now I've gotta have one.

I need to hear from Californians if you have tried The Habit Burger.  I need to know how it compares to In-n-Out Burger, another California chain which of course is my pick for the best burger, and came in second.

In-N-Out Burger Panorama City
I used to work at the restaurant behind this  In-N-Out Burger, it was called Naugles and they had the best tacos and hot sauce.  My BFF Karen at the time was told she was the first female to work at In-N-Out burger.

I know that sounds crazy, like it was in the 1940's or something, but no, this was the late 70's and I guess that the chain had just got around to hiring girls, at least at that location for sure.  She worked with ten guys each shift.

I visited her a lot while she was working.  In short cut off jeans and a tube top.

Of the top 21 listed  burger joints from the Huffington Post, I have had a burger from 14 of them.  Not all are available in Minnesota, like my favorite In-N-Out burger, so some have passed my lips while on vacation.  Example -  Whattaburger when I was in Florida.

Someone told us a Whattaburger was like In-N-Out burgers, but ummmm, I'm here to tell 'ya no they don't.  That person obviously never had an In-n-Out burger.

This geeky family on a cross country vacation, tired, hungry and minus two kids, actually once stopped and asked an employee cleaning the In-N-Out parking lot to take a picture with them so they could show it to the kids left at home.  This photo is out of the Bliss Ranch locked photo vault because we really don't want anyone to see it.  So now I have to kill you all.

We also asked if we could have empty paper goods, In-N-Out hats, empty cups etc., as souvenirs to bring home.  This from the family who is afraid to ask Mickey Mouse for a photo.

Minnesota has Sonic, Culvers, MacDonalds, and of course all the other nation wide fast food chains, and sadly Minnesota has White Castle which I think taste gross.  I'd go hungry before I would eat those.

I here tell a good burger in Minnesota is served at The Lions Tap.

Lions Tap Burger
No one in my family has ever had one.

When the food-faulty-gene-son saw a commercial for a juicy Lucy we had to make some ourselves because I was tired of him asking every week when we could go get one.

If you ask me, any food I don't have to cook always tastes better, so I'm not really a good judge of the food served while out at places, I just know what I like.  And I like most everything.

Not just burgers were on the list.  Chipotle Mexican Grill made the cut, and I would concur since I love their burritos.  More times than not our family would pick tacos over burgers while grabbing a quick bite out.

If you really have a hankering for these burgers or a Chipotle, and don't live close enough to get to one before your stomach starts eating itself, there are knock off recipes aplenty on line.

I've tried a few and while I have yet to eat one that is as spot on as the real thing, that's how I get my In-N-Out Burger fix from 2,000 miles away.

What is your local choice for a good burger?

I need to know so the next time I'm on the road someone doesn't try to tell me a Whattaburger tastes just like an In-N-Out Burger.


Art and Sand said...

Hands down - In 'n' Out is "THE BURGER". We have two Habits in town and I ate at one of them once - not bad, but I didn't run back. In 'n' Out began in Baldwin Park just a mile away from my house in West Covina so I grew up thinking that In 'n' Out was the only burger to eat. McDonald's came to town and we all thought it was a joke. The Bob's Big Boy chain gave In 'n' Out a run for its money, but Bob's no longer exists.

But, if you are in Ventura, Duke's on the beach makes a fantastic burger and we were just in Kauai and Bubba's burgers are a must. Our son's girlfriend ate at Bubba's two days in a row.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Well I certainly agree that white castle is gross. I've only had in n out once and I tried burger fries and shake. None of them impressed me. Did I order the wrong thing?

reFresh reStyle said...

No good burgers in this po-dunk town! I need a road trip!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I finally got to try an In n Out when I visited Judy in AZ. Yummm. When we were growing up we called White Castle burgers sliders...and not for a good reason.

Bliss said...

Thank you for having me Kirby. After reading my article, not only do I want a burger, but a vacation too.

Andrea said...

Village Burger in Liverpool in Central New York is yummy, but wait, why would you end up around here? Do stop by if you are though!

fiona anderson said...

Thanks for the photos, especially the Brawn and Bliss clan, love it. What did you do with the other two ?
As for adding valuable input to burger discussions, I'm a bit useless, but if you ever happen to be on the beach on the South coast of England we make 6oz organic beef burgers with a little added onion, parsley and seasoning, served in a ciabatta with beef tomato, burger relish and chips and salad on the side.
I'm feeling hungry now too !

Amy Ellis said...

Around here, I've heard some say they like Portillo's, Famous Dave's (BBQ) and my personal favorite is DJ's in Westmont, not because I used to work there and flip the burgers myself, but because she has a real char grill and the freshest of ingredients, Still haven't had an In-and-Out, but on the list!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

I have heard people talk about in and out Burger. Must be good. Around here I like Smashburger.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Being from Texas, I am a hard core Whataburger girl. Knowing that, while in California I never miss an opportunity or six to stuff my face at In-N-Out. I'm happy to report that we have a couple in Texas now.
There are so many local burger shacks around here that are incredible and we eat at those often, but Whataburger is near and dear to our souls.

Feral Turtle said...

A good burger is definitely hard to find around these parts! I am kinda partial to hubbys homemade burgers. He cuts the beef in half with some ground up chick peas or some other kind of lentil or bean. Then we form them into patties, put them on a tray until they are frozen, and then bag them. Great for summer barbecues or fried with an egg in the morning!

Claire @ A Little Claireification said...

In-N-Out is absolutely my favorite burger and whenever I am in Cali it is a mandatory stop. We have Sonic here in FL and it's pretty good, as is Five Guys, but def no In-N-Out! I've never tried Whattaburger and I'm ok with that.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

When going to a new restaurant that serves American cuisine, I have to try their burgers, as burgers are my favorite...I am a "beef give me a steak any day" kind of gal...When I was in CA, I went to an In and Out Burger while my hubby was working to see what the "hoopla" was all about.....brought it back to the hotel room and sat down to make my judgment....well, the angels sang and it was the best!...I went there there next day to get another!!!...

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