Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Walk About Wednesday on the shore of Lake Michigan!!

Every few years. DL and I like to head for our favorite big city: Chicago!


It’s our favorite for many reasons: plenty to see and do, mostly accessible by public transportation or on foot;


the fun and fabulous Navy Pier;



a great lake breeze;


and it’s always nice to be surrounded by people who talk like me!


On this trip, I met my blogging friend Marianne from We Band of Mothers. We walked around the city, and then she took my up to the Signature Room at the top of the Hancock Building, where one can get the best views of the city.  Actually, the ladies restroom has the best view.  That’s where these shots were taken.  I’m glad the men’s restroom wasn’t the one with the best view---that could have proved embarrassing.  (I’ll also note that it was good planning on someone’s part; if I know anything about guys who’ve had a few drinks, I can see the temptation to wave your boy parts at the street below.  Women wouldn’t do anything like that, mainly because they don’t have boy parts.)

(we were a little difficult to get in the photo together because she is tall and I am squatty.)

(PS: this was an EXCELLENT drink that I believe I have copied and I will publish the recipe soon!)

Marianne and I walked a lot, which was great—the weather was hot and sunny, so I lost a few pounds and my pedometer was grinning at me (fitbits make faces!) and we stopped by a very cute firehouse next to a park. The firemen went out on a call, so we sat on the bench and chatted.  Marianne’s husband is a city fireman, so she knows all kinds of lore, like how the firehouse is public property and they have to let you used their bathroom.  Then the firemen came back and Marianne bought me a t-shirt.  Firehouses sell t-shirts to pay for incidentals and things the firemen need for the firehouse.  If you get a chance to buy a fireman shirt, do it!



(This fireman was closer to my size.  He had just graduated from training, and he was very nice.  I read a book once, back when I first graduated from college, that said firemen make the best husbands.  I CANNOT for the life of me remember the name of it.  If I ever do, I am going to send a copy to Marianne.)  DL was at the Museum of Science and Industry, so he didn’t have a chance to see me hanging out at the “hose house,” which is probably a good thing.


That evening DL and I went to see our young friend, the lovely and talented Sarah Barnhardt, perform at Second City!  I gotta love a gal who goes for it!

(Would have loved to visit with Linda this time, but she was busy WRITING HER BOOK!  Jealous, party of one!)

Of course we had to check out the place where former Second City/future Saturday Night Live stars got their inspiration.


…as well as pay homage at the home of my favorite dish towels. (Don’t let DL fool you, he LOVES C&B and we have to try out every sofa.) They were playing tunes from Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life, one of my all-time favorite albums, so of course I had to sing.  I do that a lot in retail establishments.


It was a great long weekend for a walkabout!!  We’ll be back in a couple of years, Chicago!


reFresh reStyle said...

Amazing tour! I've never been, I wanna go! Added this to my bucket list :)

northoftabor said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I was just looking at C&B dishtowels yesterday. I'm partial to the yellow and red ones.

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I'm still so very sad that I couldn't spend time with you this time. :(

Next time. I promise. And pinky swear!


Connie said...

I am so glad that I found your blog . . . I found it through a mutual follower. I was raised 60 miles from Chicago in Michigan City, IN. We used to take the South Shore train into the city for a day of museums and shopping. Thanks for the tour and for allowing me to tag along. This was fun. I didn't know that the Cheeseborger skit was based on a true restaurant . . . how interesting.
Happy to meet you, Connie :)

Art and Sand said...

Some of our best friends are firemen and they are all happily married.

We were in Chicago in winter so I didn't get to explore much in the weather.

Thanks for the tip about the firehouse bathroom. We were in NYC and looking at a map because I had to find a bathroom quickly and I knew we could find one in the huge Macy's. A nice lady said, "follow me" and we ended up at one of the precincts. After I used the bathroom, I got to watch them drag in a nasty suspect.

Pat said...

Wonderful post, Kirby. I've only visited Chicago once. I was there with my daughters and granddaughters. It was their Mothers Day gift to me. Loved every bit of it, including the train ride from St Louis.

I tend to sing in retail stores, also.

Andrea said...

I have never been to Chicago...I can't let this go on!!!

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Looks like you had a great time Kirby. Love the photos ....I've been there once 22 years ago. We drove from NC there. I remember we went through a drive thru and all the employees gathered around to hear us talk. Like we talk funny or something ... it was funny.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I've never been to Chicago but my 12 yr. old niece is dying to go. Do you think Mar would lend me one of her boys as a tour guide for her?
You two must have had a blast.

Feral Turtle said...

What a great tour Kirby. How wonderful to meet up with your bloggy friend......especially the part with those handsome manly mans!! My niece lived there for a few years while she got her masters and loved it!

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

How fun! I lived in Chicago for a couple of years, but now have retreated to Small Town Wisconsin. Chicago remains my Soul City. I still listen to its radio station online. I really miss it, and go back (it's only a 3-hour drive for me) as much as possible. I've been in that very same Crate & Barrel several times!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Never been to Chicago but I have been to NYC quite a bit so I kinda have a thing about every big city being the same old, same old. We just went to Lancaster, PA which was supposed to be so unique and fabulous and it was the same old, same old! Maybe Chicago is different if you keep going back!!

Debbiedoos said...

Our favorite city too!! We are heading there next summer for our sons graduation celebration. We took the boys about 7 years ago and they still talk about that family vacation. We can't wait. Great pics!

Sharon @ mrshinesclass said...

Chicago is on my wish list!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Fun to see some of my old stompin grounds. Haven't been home in several years. Maybe I should go see some of my sisters soon.....or maybe I'll wait until you go next time and hook up with you!

andi filante said...

Dang! You partied without me! Looks like you had a great time tho!


Marianne said...

Tina - I would be honored to bring you to all the best firehouse & bar bathrooms in the city!

Marianne said...

Sorry - I'm behind (as usual) in my blog reading. I had so much fun, despite you bringing tornados to town. ;)

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