Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More hair? Yes, please! (As long as it’s on my head.)

Note: I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer network campaign for Cerafill powered by Redken. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Redken and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

As one gets older, stuff happens for which you weren’t prepared. (My baby doc and I have this conversation regularly—my joints/bones/innards were not designed to last this long, because -- anthropologically--I should be dead by now!  But I digress.)
One thing that didn’t surprise me, though, was the fact that my hair would (again!) betray me.
I know the mantra—that all women hate their own hair and want the opposite kind.  I am a little more realistic; I think there are trade-offs.  My hair has always been naturally blonde—platinum until I was about 25, then just a little less blonde.  Once I turned 40, it got progressively darker, so now it’s a dark blonde. (Notice I did not say gray.  No gray.  I am 54 and still not gray!  I do not have to color my hair!) But the trade-off for having great color is that I have the wimpiest hair on the planet.  It is fine, thin, and limp. 
And now it is receding.
Yup.  You read that right.  Like a man.
I first heard that when I went to get my hair cut somewhere other than my normal stylist. (Actually, it was when I was trying out new stylists, before I found Hunter, who is my guy FOR EVAH!)  The gal cutting my hair asked another stylist what she should do about ‘the recession.’  I thought to myself, “save as much money as you can,” but then I realized she was talking about my forehead (which has always been about a five-and-a-half).  So when Redken gave me the opportunity to try their Cerafill system, I jumped on it.
The Defy Cerafill system (for normal to thin hair) is a four-step process that includes Defy Shampoo, Defy Conditioner, Dense Fx Thickening Treatment, and Texture Effect Hair and Scalp Refresher.  I used them for two weeks in various combinations and under various circumstances (because I am totally scientific that way).  Here’s what I found:
*The booklet that came with the product gave some great tips for fuller-looking hair, like using a round brush or Velcro rollers.  I occasionally use a round brush, which only makes my cowlicks that much more apparent.  (I have extremely short hair.  I keep it that way because then it doesn’t look as bad.)
*Both the shampoo and conditioner have a menthol scent, which I love!  It makes my nose happy!   I was excited to use this product because that menthol was like a fun blast of happiness every morning.
*After the shampoo and conditioner, the additional products are to be used.  This is where I did some experimentation.
The  Dense Fx Thickening Treatment is to be used on damp hair.  As with so many products, it is applied to the roots and combed through.  Then, you style your hair as you would normally. This is the product that increases the hair’s diameter by 9%.  I used it in both the ways I usually style my hair (sometimes I blow dry, sometimes I don’t), and here’s the skinny:  this treatment is a little sticky.  If you just let your hair air dry, it will be a little crunchy.  I was not crazy about that fact, but if I blow dry my hair (as most women do), it’s not a problem.  Do I think my hair appears thicker when I use it?  Only if I blow dry, not if I let it dry naturally.  So my hair is not REALLY thicker, it just looks that way if I blow dry it.  (Which I guess is the point!)

The Texture Effect Hair and Scalp Refresher was a little different.  It is supposed to be used on dry hair, when your hair needs a lift.  All I could think of was that it was like a blow out, only instead of paying $25 for it, you can do it yourself! (I’ll admit, this was a little weird.  I wasn’t quite sure how to use this.  But then I read the directions, and it made sense.)  This stuff was really cool!  Your supposed to use it when your hair feels a little flat, and it gives it a boost.  I tried it a couple of different times, and like the way it worked.  I have very short, fine, straight hair and it gave me a little freshness and lift…not sure how it would work with longer hair.

All in all, I was happy to try the Defy Cerafill System for Redken.  The menthol shampoo and conditioner were great, and I noticed my hair looking a little fuller!  Want to learn more?  Click here!



Andrea said...

I would expect no less experimenting from the DIY'er! ;)

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Glad it worked for you!

Cathy Callahan said...

Have you used Minoxidil? I developed a severe hair thinning problem after menopause, and within two months of using minoxidil I started to see a lot of regrowth. I buy the generic brand at Target and have adjusted to using it in the morning and before bed every day and my hair looks as thick as it did when I was young. A word of caution: if you try it, be sure to use the formula made for women. The formula for men leaves hair stiff and greasy feeling.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Are you going to keep using it?

Good Time Charlie said...

I am twin sister in your hair department, expect I do have to color my hair. Coloring it makes my hair about 3% denser, and staying blonde makes me 100% happier. I usually shy away from any thickening products because I can't stand the feel of stuff in my hair and then ultimately, it just makes it flatter. Did you notice after a while if it weighed your hair down, or did it feel kind of stiff after you blow dried it? I am so curious to hear more.

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I have baby fine hair too. I was so sad when Sinead O'Connor shaved her head and it didn't take off as a fashion trend!

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

I'm glad you defied the anthropologically.

Marty Walden said...

So happy you got a sponsored post! My hair is gray but there's still lots of it. There's always a tradeoff isn't there? I just tried a product called Rusk (and it's expensive) that I'm really liking for more body and height on the crown.

pugsmom said...

Is Minoxidil expensive? Is it something you have to keep using forever? You can email me at sandra9346@aol.com. Sandy

Bliss said...

I had not heard of this, but sadly as I age I find my hair thinning as well. A little lift would be nice, I might give this a whirl.

Jean @ www.thebackyardbungalow.com said...

My hair thinning is due to a thyroid condition. Cure that and my hair will be fine.

Miss Kitty said...

Thanks for the product review! I have really fine and thin hair too so I might give these products a try!

miss flibbertigibbet said...

I think this might be a duplicate comment but here goes.......I don't have this problem but my daughter does so I'm definitely passing it along!

andi filante said...

You can totally borrow some of the hair I have sprouting up on my chin, neck, and in my nose.

My hair is breaking off like crazy, but not thinning. Of course, my waistline isn't thinning either.


Debbie Borthwick said...

I'm grey and thinning a bit, but fortunately with the natural curls I can hide most of it (my hair is a tad longer than my profile picture, so the curls work better). And thank Heavens, I'm not loosing it as badly as my husband is. lol Debbie :)

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