Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Walkabout Wednesday…without much walking

Because it’s exam week, I haven’t had the time to do a real walkabout, so I just walked outside my front door.  It was quick, it was easy, and it was seven steps, which (to me) constitutes a walk.


And what I saw wasn’t pretty.

Dirty, ugly, nasty…

In a nutshell: embarrassing.
So I decided to do something about it.


First, I swept all the crapola off of the stoop and steps. We have a broom named Thurman that we use for this job.  Thurman was a broom we found at an estate sale, and he had his name written on him.  I’m not sure if he was named after Thurman Munson (my catching hero, may he rest in peace).

The next order of business was to clean the shakes with Oxiclean (I LOVE that stuff; and it’s not just for laundry, peeps!) and warm water.  I used a scrub brush from the Dollar Store for this job.



Even the face that keeps watch on the front door got cleaned up!

I bought the cute little cart on the porch at a yard sale.  It was priced too high, so I offered her something a little more reasonable, thinking she wouldn’t take it.  But she did!  And it looks cute in the front.

The planter got two pencil hollies and some pink begonias.


I made some pennants to hang on the railing…


…tutorial coming soon!
The next thing added was a new doormat to replace the nasty one.



(This is what we do at our house.  We live pretty happy.)


The last thing I did was put a chicken wire memo board on the front door, which is kind of silly.  But I had one laying around and I didn’t want to get a new wreath until I know what I want, so I hung the “Welcome to Brandywine” slate on it and some little pennant flags and a fake hydrangea (which doesn’t look like the real ones, but let’s pretend.)

So there’s my walkabout Wednesday, on a Wednesday when I didn’t actually get to walk.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love projects like that- i think they are instantly gratifying!

Sara said...

Lovely! Can't believe how well the Oxyclean worked.

Lauren TheEndearingHome said...

I love your posts Kirby! Everything looks great, the memo board is such a cute idea for the front door. My brick steps are so dirty, I will have to try the Oxyclean. Enjoy the summer break!

Marianne said...

I am NEVER showing you a pic of my front entry. It looks like a way, way, WAY "before" picture of yours. Nice job!

Art and Sand said...

Walkabout & WORK Wednesday - love the little cart.

Just thought you might like to know the headline in the LA Time today - Teacher Job Protection Struck Down. A just just made a ruling for the State of California that tenure is unconstitutional.

Pat said...

Thanks for the Oxyclean idea. The back porch steps are the ugly little secret of the Back Porch.

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Beautiful, nothing like a clean and an update. Mid year exams for my boys this week, oh how fun trying to get them to realise the extra time off school is meant for studying and not for gaming. In the end I blew my top and said if they failed mid years they could leave and get jobs or pay for for their own text books next year. Seemed to work they ended up doing okay.

Art @ Home said...

I like the board on your front door. It's a great idea, and much more fun than a wreath IMHO.....
Great tip with the Oxy Clean....I would not have thought of that! I need to work on our white columns on our front porch.

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh wow! You got a lot done after taking just 7 steps! I have never had a front porch until now, and I'm kind of stymied on what to do with it,but you've given me some inspiration! I love that face!!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I have so many things to say about your beautiful front porch. Love, love the vintage cart!...and never realized that Oxyclean would clean other items so did a great job on those shingles...and I adore that wire memo board on the door! are so creative Kirby!!!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said... hubby was such a fan of Thurman Munson too...has lots of his memorabilia ... such a tremendous loss to the baseball world.

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

I am crazed with want for that facey thing on your house! It matches the ones on your outdoor fireplace, correct?

Feral Turtle said...

I loved your non-walk tour! I would give my left....wait, I'm a girl, I would give anything for that face. I have a love of gargoyles and that face would fit right in with my collection! Your front porch is beautiful Kirby. A happy home is a blessed home! Cheers.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I'm off to get OxyClean! I had no idea I could use it like that.
Your porch is very Kirby-ish.
As it should be.
Walkin' on sunshine.

Tuula @ The Thrifty Rebel said...

I never though of using Oxiclean for outside things. What a great idea! Your porch looks really great. Love the new doormat. Sooo colourful and fun!

Andi Filante said...

Oooooo....pretty!!! I want that face thing.

-andi said...

What a difference! Since reading your post last week, I think of you EVERY TIME I get out my camera to take a picture of a future blog post... this week's... a plunger makeover!!! Enjoy your summer!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Okay, that face scares me a bit ... but the short walkabout and porch refresh looks lovely!!! I've put my blinders on when walking up my front porch. It truly needs more than just some Oxyclean can accomplish!!!

:) Linda

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Looking good! I like that you used a chicken wire frame instead of a wreath on the front door. I get so tired of wreaths! I love the pencil hollies too. Thank you so much for following me. I followed you by email. I look forward to hanging out here. Love the tip on the Oxyclean!

Bliss said...

Knock knock.

Suzan Sweatman said...

It all looks beautiful Kirby !!!
I love the chicken wire frame - so unique - and really loving that mat ( the face? sorry - it scares the hell out of me but then again my shadow scares me lmho )

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