Friday, June 20, 2014

DL’s Back!


(Kirby here:  DL is spending a lot of time right now filling orders for pub and coffee tables, but it’s boring to make the same stuff over and over again.  So I encouraged him to just whip up a few little things for fun and a quick buck. This is one of those pieces.)


DL: I picked up these doors a while ago in central Pennsylvania.  The legs were found in the basement at an estate sale.  I like finding this stuff and getting it at a good price. (Kirby: Yeah.  Like buying the furniture pieces that are still laying all over the place.  But they were CHEAP!)


I attached the four legs to one of the doors.  (Kirby:  I had a vision of using these doors as the outer panels on a funky headboard for the master bedroom and then realized, who am I kidding?  I doubt I will ever get everything on my list done…I have prioritized and the master headboard is scheduled for sometime around fall of 2024.)

DL:  I wasn’t sure if I should change the stain and paint on the little table, but Kirby said to try to sell it the way it is (Kirby: It’s PATINA, people!), and if it doesn’t sell in the next few weeks, she’ll milk paint it.  (Kirby: I would milk paint DL if he stood still long enough...)


  1. i agree about the patina- keep as is! :) it looks perfect, dl! great work!
    i plan to have my playroom done about the same time as your headboard.... maybe in time for my grandkids?

  2. DL.... you are so much more than Chobani.

  3. Hello DL. It looks perfect. I love the old legs!

  4. Well don't paint those legs because they are incredible just the way they are. I would paint the top, just because I don't like old wood finishes so much, but maybe that's just me. DL what do you use to attach the legs?

  5. It looks perfect! I love the shabby goodness!


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