Sunday, June 29, 2014

Canada Day Weekend!

(This is a rerun....I'm having a little vacay.)

I LOVE Canada...just so you know. (And's true that Rick Moranis is from Canada, but I loved Canada long before I started stalking Rick Moranis.)
Honestly? Canada has some very cool stuff: Anne of Green Gables, the biggest mall in North America, hockey players with limited numbers of real teeth, some great beer, and a really huge waterfall.
But their coolest item may just be their flag.
Today's Canadian flag is actually younger than I am--it wasn't adopted until 1965, which may be why the maple leaf is less realistic and more mod--that whole 'Carnaby Street' vibe coming over from the mother country and all. Before 1965, the Canadian flag looked like this:

But now...well, you know what it looks like now.
When I saw this dresser by Miss Mustard Seed: started my wheels turning. (Which I realize sounds vaguely pornographic, but I promise it wasn't. I was just thinking a lot.)

This fall, I found a small two-drawer dresser at a garage sale. The bottom drawer was missing a runner (which DL fixed with some scrap lumber and fifteen minutes), the hardware was damaged, and the paint? Well, I think the paint job was an experiment with mind altering drugs. It was kind of a taupey-gold with tiny blue flecks, like someone flicked a toothbrush. I don't think the word 'hideous' quite describes it.

So I cleaned it up, had DL enlarge some copies of a maple leaf that was free clip art, and taped the heck out of the face of the dresser.

I taped off the maple leaf and sides, then painted the interior square around the maple leaf white, then the outside stripes and leaf red.

I used round wood knobs that I painted red, then painted the tops and sides a charcoal gray that was a mis-fire at the Home Depot. Love that three dollar paint!
After it was all dry, I wiped on a light coat of wax that I mixed myself--half Annie Sloan dark wax and half natural Minwax. (I don't recommend that, by the have to keep a very close eye on it or it may burst into flames. That's NOT the way you want to start your day, Peeps.)
Anyway, it got down to the shop with a relatively hefty pricetag on it. Partly because I want it to stick around the shop for more than a week, unlike the other items I've refinished...partly because I really want to bring it home.

I don't know if there are any displaced Canadians in Winston, but if there are, they just might want a piece of home.


Art and Sand said...

I remember when I first began reading Kirb Appeal and came to the conclusion that you were Canadian by different things you wrote. Now I know I wasn't crazy. You do have some Canadian connections.

reFresh reStyle said...

Love it, pinned it, enjoy yourself!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I love this. The dark grey is wonderful with the red and white. I used to use that wax mix l the time and never knew about the fire thing.

Feral Turtle said...

You did a fantastic job on this dresser Kirby!!! And that's coming from a Canadian! Love it. I saw it before but it takes my breath away everytime I see it! Cheers to you!

andi filante said...

This is awesome! And Canada has Karen and Suzan too. :)


Marie said...

I love your version!
Marie @ In Our Happy Place

Suzan Sweatman said...

A month late BUT I remember when you did this Kirby!
It's so impressive ( and I remember when they changed the flag - I was in grade 1 and they were doing contests across Canada for the new design )
Love it !
I just saw what Andi wrote - LMHO

Good Time Charlie said...

Thank you for linking this up at The Handmade Hangout! I am sharing tomorrow!

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