Sunday, April 13, 2014

What I found appealing!

sweet clover

Part Two of Spring Break travels took me to Maryland, where I met with the lovely women above: Eclectic Kelly, Sarah The Thriftress, The Painted Home (Denise brought her Crafty Camper!) and the inimitable Cassie from Primitive & Proper.


(How cute is this camper?  DL talked about it all the way home.  I told him NO MORE PROJECTS!!!)


One of the reasons we head to Maryland for a long weekend (besides visiting with Cassie) is to stop in at Chartreuse, where they have great ideas for booth spaces.  (This is an antique crib similar to one we picked up at an estate sale last fall.)


Some of the Sweet Clover family had a tent space at Chartreuse, too.


It was a pretty day, but INCREDIBLY windy, and DL was the hero of the day when he took hold of a tent that was collapsing. 


They ended up taking the whole thing down, after it had broken in the wind.

Meanwhile, I ran around, checking things out.  (I would have jumped in to help, but my right arm isn’t really moving.  Something has happened to my shoulder. They gave me drugs, but I am afraid to take them.)

What did you find appealing?


Laura @ Top This Top That said...

I love everything that i see at Sweet Clover. I wish there was something like that around here. how's your shoulder? my sister just had 2 tears, 2 bone spurs repaired in her's.

Art and Sand said...

Oh, do take care of your arm. I know you are much younger than me, but growing old sucks in the aching body department. If I stopped doing things because my body ached, I would be sitting in a rocking chair all day long.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

always good to see you! and so glad DL was there to hold the fort down, literally!

NanaDiana said...

How fun to see some of those girls up close and personal. I only know a couple of them. Sorry about your arm. That is too bad. Let me just give you a quick piece of advice. IF they gave you something for the pain and mobility-PLEASE TAKE IT. You can always quit it if it makes you miserable BUT if you DON'T take it things could get much worse and once they are "out of the box", so to speak, it is MUCH harder to get them back under control. I have been where you are at and suffered needlessly because I did NOT want to take the medications. Blessings- glad you had a good time- xo Diana

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

What fun! So much eye candy! Sorry to hear about your shoulder -- that will totally put a cramp in your DIY style. :(
xo Heidi

Marty Walden said...

How fun! My husband has no interest in my collecting any more "stuff!" If I can't find a place for it then it is gone! Of course, his trailer has become an outside storage building, but he wants to sell it for some music equipment!

Feral Turtle said...

What a great trip you had. Blah the human body always letting us down. We need regeneration pods! I watch far too much Sci Fi. I will have to check out this crafting trailer. Looks like fun!

Debbie Borthwick said...

Looks like a fantastic time at a great venue with super bloggers! What I found appealing was that old door behind the crib turned daybed, which is gorgeous, too!
Debbie :)

Andi Filante said...

I would find it appealing if you would send the drugs my way. Bah!! =D

Looks like a super-fun time!!!!!


Bliss said...

I'm glad you got that picture with those brunettes, and really no man likes his tent to go down.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I missed this post! Nice pictures! I'm sure it was a blast. What a fun trip.

fiona anderson said...

Looks like great fun and so much eye candy to look at.
I hope the shoulder isn't too bad, I'd take the drugs if I were you !

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