Friday, April 11, 2014

I Take it all Back!


I had a little problem in the spot where I had my booth.  The guy who had the booth next to mine used to put his table in front of where folks walked into my booth. 

Part of the problem was my booth space—it wasn’t one of those nice open booth spaces, it was enclosed on three sides with a narrow entryway.

And the guy next to me used to push his little table in front of the doorway.  And the table was full of Waterford.

Every time I tried to get into my booth, I was afraid.

So were the folks who wanted to get into my booth.  I told the owners that I needed a new space, or I would have to go somewhere else. (This was true…the space I had was pretty expensive for having no visibility.)

So they found me a new space and I got ready to move over spring break.  I went into the shop, and the owner met me at the door with that “deer in headlights” look, and she said “There have been some changes.” 
I thought ‘oh crap.’


And found that all my stuff had been moved to the new space!  The Waterford guy was moving into my old space, and he paid a helper to move all my stuff out and over to the new space!  (Bonus—he was all nice and apologetic.)
I’m sorry I dissed you, Waterford guy.  You are my new friend!


Eliesa Prettelt said...

That was pretty nice of him! Good luck in the new space :)

ART aka Anna-Ruth Taynton said...

Yay! Chivalry does still exist :)...Congrats on the new spot

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love this story! great ending!

Andrea said...

Oh phew...that ended much better than I was anticipating!!

Andi Filante said...

So, he moved your cheese?


Art @ Home said...

After these two posts, I think I need to go on a road trip and shopping with you (or at your booth at least)!!! I would love to fluff the master sweet and bath a little bit….

LOL the Waterford dude did you a favor, huh??? He saved you lots of effort and time.

Debbie Borthwick said...

I'm glad to hear you finally have a new booth! And what a bonus, having your stuff moved for you! It looks great, and hopefully you'll do a whole lot better in sales now.
Debbie :)

fiona anderson said...

Glad it all worked out for you, I hope the new space works better.
So the Waterford guy actually wanted the space with the small entrance !

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