Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hope you’ve had fun…I know I have!

Something I bet Lady Mary never thought she’d be doing: interviewing pig tenders.  (Which are slightly different than chicken tenders.)


Edith, on the other hand, would like the pig man to raise her child.  Apparently, she sees a correlation between raising a kid and raising pigs.  Once kids get to be about twelve years old, that’s not too far from the truth.

Mr. Blake holds little George while Lady Mary sips her tea.  For some reason, this wigs Granny out.  Maybe because he’s into mud wrestling?

Anna comes clean with Lady Mary, instead of cleaning up after her.

lady mary

Anna makes Mary promise not to tell Gillingham, on threat of (Bates’) death.  But Mary’s newfound lust for power changes all that, and she tells Anna that she’s going to tell Gillingham to get rid of his rapist valet.  Anna, of course, cries some more.  Mary meets Gillingham for tea and tells him to fire Green, but won’t tell him why.  He tells her he will, because he loves her. Meanwhile….
Even though Anna doesn’t know he knows, he knows, and we know he knows.
bates smackdown

Daisy, in an ironic turn, tells Mrs. Patmore to pay no attention to Ivy, as Ivy is always trying to get folks to think her life is interesting.  “Hi Pot, this is Kettle.” Ivy has received a proposal (via letter) from Alfred.  He’s coming to visit because his dad is dead, and he wants to check out the pigs he’d like Ivy to return to London with him.  Mrs. Patmore uses the word “blimey,” which is something I’d like to work into everyday conversation. Ivy turns Alfred down, and Daisy decides to avoid Alfred by going to the farm for the day, where she has a heart-to-heart with the father of her late husband.  He thinks she needs to go back and say goodbye to Alfred with nothing harsh or jagged between them.  Daisy does the right thing, and Mrs. Patmore is teary.

Despite his self-imposed existential crises, Tom seems to be the man of the season this year.  He goes into town to read up on politics, but instead sees Rose on an outing with her African-American friend, Jack.  Rose is trying to make a political statement, but the world is just not ready. Neither is Jack.

WHAT??? Molesley is actually being okay!  And not whiny!  And not Eeoyore-esque!  I’m not sure what will happen between he and Baxter, but I like where this is going.  I’m not as convinced by the Tom/Teacher goings-on, but I just don’t trust those liberal teachers.  You know what THEY’RE like!  She knows her own mind!  He fixes her car, and tells her that he believes in people.  Existential crisis over, Tom??


When Tom confides in Mary regarding Rose’s tryst (I love that word, don’t you?), Mary says she’s all ears.  But not in the Daisy way.  She also uses the word “golly,” which I find amusing.  Regardless, Mary goes to visit Mr. Ross after Rose tells her they’re engaged, and he sets the story straight.  He won’t marry Rose because he doesn’t want to spoil her life.  In a better world?   They could be together.  But he knows the world is bad, and that she will end up sorry for her decision if she marries him.

Aunt Rosamund disagrees with the idea of a pig man raising Edith’s kid.  Instead, she decides that she and Edith need to go to Switzerland to learn French.  Not France, because “you know what the French are like.”  Yep, I do.  They like to drink wine and smoke cigarettes and eat outside and promptly give up when the Germans invade.  Sounds like Switzerland would be better…especially when it comes to Germans.

Dinner time proves to be amusing: three young men trying to get the attention of Lady Mary while Edith sits there and wrings her hands.  At any given moment, I expect her to scream “Marcia, Marcia, MARCIA!”  But she doesn’t, so I do. Gillingham sees that there’s competition, so he’s going to call off his engagement to Mable.  Not sure if Mary is in a contest to be the most desirable woman in Yorkshire, but so far, she's winning.

Lady Violet Grantham has called us all into her office to have a word, and that word is “pregnant.”  Later, Granny tells Edith that life is just a series of problems to be solved, one after another, until we die.  Such a happy thought.

Back at the Abbey, they’re setting up for the bazaar.  Mrs. Hughes asks Mrs. Patmore for to make some refreshments for the village people.
(sometimes I crack myself up.)
Now we have a new man, Mary’s godfather, Lord something-or-other, who has offered to walk Mrs. Crawley home.  Do I see a little competition for the doctor?  And the verbal jabs between Mrs. Crawley and the Dowager are as sharp as ever, so YAY! for that.  Lord Merton sends Mrs. Crawley flowers, and the Dowager….well, she’s the Dowager.

Bates takes off for parts unknown.  Mmm hmmm. 

I’ve been thinking about Cora this season.  She only has one line at a time.  I don’t believe she’s carried on one real conversation all season.  No wonder she seems so vapid.  (I like that word, too.)

The church bazaar is on and Carson is large (literally) and in-charge.  Lord Grantham chooses to return from America without letting them know, so he comes home just as the gaiety is in full-swing.

More men show up for Mary.  Again.  And Bates was in town when Greene was killed in an accident.  So the questions remain…whom will Mary choose?  Did Bates kill Green?  Will Anna ever stop crying?  What on earth will Edith do in Switzerland?  Is Rose going to be defiant forever?  Will Cora ever have more than one line? 

Thanks for spending the season with me, Downton Peeps!


UofM Brooke said...

Kirby, the second best part of Sunday nights is reading your DA recaps. The Village People! I LOL'd at that one. Cheers!

UofM Brooke said...

Oh, and speaking of Cora, doesn't Elizabeth McGovern look rather frail lately? I hope that's just for her character.

NanaDiana said...

Great recap! Love the show. Is this the season finale? Can that be???? That is the fastest one hour ever..even if it was 1-1/4 hours tonight- xo Diana

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

Love your posts!! I think my fav moment in this episode was the Dowager looking at her flowers and comparing them to the flowers for Mrs. Crawley from Lord What's His Name. Priceless!! Yes, those sneaky teachers, (I feel I can say that as the hubs and our daughter are both teachers) trying to make the world a better place! Lady Mary surely was busy with other people's business this week as well as her plethora of suitors. And, I think the world HAS made an impression on the Dowager because of the way she reacted to Edith's "dilemma".
Best part FOLLOWING the episode...... The Village People!!! I truly DID LOL!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Cora did seem exceptionally stunned last night. I did see some Eyore-esque Mosely moments (but he drives me crazy so I can't help it) - Oh, nothing good ever happens to me wah, wah, wah.
And who know what to say about Edith - GO to Switzerland, learn French and stay there.

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Thanks, Kirby. I totally spaced out last night's episode, so I'm thankful for this recap.

Marcia Marcia Marcia, and the Village People cracked me up also. (I wonder if Edith will try a wig?)

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Great your wit! According to the finale is next week, the 23rd. No recap? said...

there is a 2 hour 2013 Christmas special - it sort of ties up one or two loose ends, but still leaves a lot of questions. Will PBS show it now, or make everybody wait until December 2014?

karen@somewhatquirky said...

OK. Was this the season finale? How did I miss that?

Leslie Sciandra said...

Good one!

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