Saturday, January 18, 2014

What I found Appealing...

If you've been reading the story here, then you'll appreciate the following from our wonderful Media Coordinator:

Today's 5 things [highlights from the delivery today]. Teary eyed joy over a simple sweater, the mother's first comment today, "All week, I've thought about the miracle of God meeting our needs. Ten minutes before the realization that people were already finding ways to bring help to us, I told God I couldn't do it alone anymore. We're taught that we have not bc we ask not. Almost everyone I know is struggling. I would never ask someone who had the same problems as me for help. I thought I had no one until I turned to Him and now I have thankfulness and hope;" my response - "Well, since God knows everyone & has ways to take care of us that we could never understand, it's probably best to start with Him and trust. He makes a way when there is no way;" mom's request for me to watch out for her son when I can with her "eyes" -- "I can't be there to see where he could do better. I can't step into school and do what I want to do to help him. I trust you will try to help him find his way;" and her final request ... "Would it upset you if I share with others I know who are in need? I have to admit we already did. We see a homeless man every day in our community. We took him one pair of the shoes we were given because we knew they would help him." I felt very comfortable telling her that the person who shared those shoes would most certainly appreciate knowing they reached a person who truly needed them. I am astonished at the diversity of donations for this family and the range of help the donations will provide. Tomorrow, we are delivering beef, chicken, hamburger and cube steaks along with fresh eggs, flour, cornmeal and sugar. So much, that I had to go ahead and take a trip there today. By evening, (thanks to the love and generosity of countless strangers), everyone in this home will have heavy coats, jackets, basic clothing, underwear, socks, shoes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, medication, blankets, hats, gloves, dress clothes, boots, scarves, PJs, thermal underwear, soap, lotion, shampoo, personal products and hairspray ... their pantry will be filled with canned foods, cereal, vegetable oil, freezer bags & saran wrap, tuna, soup, beans, pasta, healthy snacks, oatmeal, pancake batter, ravioli, sugar, flour .... their fridge and freezer will be stocked with beef stew, chicken, hamburger, eggs ... their vehicle will have gas ... the children will have toys, books, and supplies .... they will have lysol, laundry detergent, comet, paper towels, sponges, containers for frozen meals .... they will be able to dress for school, church, work, play -- in frigid temperatures and well into the summer .... Most of all, they will know that people care about them and are willing to share with them and help them pull through a tough time. It's a beautiful thing to know that so many of my friends (and their friends by extension) have demonstrated they have a heart for people. While my friends, coworkers, and family members come from many walks of life, in the end they have hearts of gold. Despite the differences in people, everyone wants and needs love and acceptance. The aspects of life that divide us are relatively pale in importance compared to understanding that every person needs to feel valued. Every person has value -- and true value is never measured in dollars and cents.

And, on a less serious note, we have something fun in store for you on Wednesday night!


  1. Each post about the wonderful things you have done for this family has made us stop and think about what we can do. Each Christmas, we donate to a food pantry and choose a child from the giving tree at church. So starting today, while grocery shopping, I will pick up extra groceries to bring to the food pantry. And each time I go shopping for something other than food, I will buy socks, underwear, whatever we usually buy at Christmas. Thank you for opening your heart. This is my belated New Year's resolution.

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad my little blog has inspired you to create a happy experience for someone in your community! (I would have replied to your response via e-mail, but you're a no-reply. I hope you see this here!)

  2. i find this story so inspiring- it's amazing how much we are capable when we work together to help others.

  3. I've enjoyed reading your posts about helping this child and his does a heart good. Sounds like are set for a while and feeling so blessed they are paying forward as well.

  4. What a blessing you have been and will continue to be! Love in action and it's beautiful!

  5. You're amazing Kirby - and an inspiration - what a beautiful post!


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